Saturday, November 19, 2011


301. "Thanks for subscribing. Unless you clicked the sub button by mistake, then I'm here to let you know there's no take backs." - Spin

302. "Thanks for subscribing. Could you tell me how to get my floppy disk into this new laptop? I can't figure out where it goes?" - Spin

303. "Thanks for subscribing. You put the weenies in my beanies." - Spin

304. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you know who the actor was in the 1939 film "Ice Follies Of 1939" that looked a lot like James Stewart?" - Spin

305. "Thanks for subscribing. On an unrelated do you go about blocking someone on YouTube." - Spin

306. "Thank you for subscribing." - Spin (This may not seem very creative, but I left this message 49 times tonight, and each time I left it in a different language. Including: Arabic, Afrikaans, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Welsh, Albanian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Galician, Georgian, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Kannada, Latvian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian & Vietnamese.)

307. "Thanks for subscribing. Did you know that on average you burn 2 calories each time you watch a YouTube video? When you watch one of my videos you burn 3 calories. Keep watching healthy via Spintown!" - Spin

308. "Thanks for subscribing, you might want to take @MisterRozz off your "Other Channel" mod. He died, and it's kind of disrespectful to keep it up there." - Spin

309. "Thanks for subscribing. Now you're supposed to say, "You're welcome." ....I'm waiting..." - Spin

310. "@jonathuggg told me what you said about me. I think you're a big jerk now, but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

311. "Thanks for subscribing. What color is this background?" - Spin

312. "Kinda full of yourself according to your profile, but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

313. "Thanks for subscribing. Too bad you subscribed on August 4th. I gave away free Minecraft codes to half of the people who subscribed on August 5th." - Spin

314. "Thanks for subscribing. Are you called "LadiesMan" because you're built like a lady?" - Spin

315. "You like My Little Pony? COME ON! Grow a pair. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin

316. "Thanks for the sub, but I'm not convinced your heart was in it." - Spin

317. "Thanks for subscribing, but only assholes sub 4 sub." - Spin

318. "Thanks for subscribing, but what makes your meat so super?" - Spin (username: SuperMeatBoy1111)

319. "Thanks for subscribing. Didn't I see you on Jerry Springer?" - Spin

320. "Thanks for subscribing, but if you use cheats on your channel I can't except your subscription." - Spin

Friday, November 18, 2011


281. "Thanks for subscribing, next time we raid your house I'll feel just a little bit guilty." - Spin (@JustinDP's channel)

282. "Thanks for making me write this stupid thank you." - Spin

283. "I'm on top of @crazykickasskat...this is so hot. Thanks for advert your eyes so we can get it on." - Spin (Kate commented before I did)

284. "Thanks for subscribing, and while I’m here I might as well thank you for unsubscribing." - Spin

285. "I couldn't decide whether to thank people for subscribing tonight, or to trim my toenails. Thanks for subscribing, and congrats for being more important than my toenails." - Spin

286. "THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING JHFREIMARK!!!!!! (Notice how I used all CAPS & more exclaimation marks than's because I care more.)" - Spin

287. "Thanks for subscribing. (Did that sound sincere? It's really hard to fake sincerity, but I'm trying really hard.)" - Spin

288. "Thanks for subscribing. Would you mind writing a letter to my family telling them I'm finally a success?" - Spin

289. "Thanks for the sub. You are the wind beneath my wings." - Spin

290. "Thanks for subscribing. You're as good a gamer as @ijustine!" - Spin

291. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm watching a commercial & can't decide if I should buy the SoniCrafter by Rockwell. What do you think?" - Spin

292. "I want to thank you for subscribing in the form of a chain letter. You must now go thank 10 of your own subscribers...even if you've already thanked them all. If you don't follow through with this a great darkness will fall upon you & your family." - Spin

293. "Thanks for subscribing. I now forgive you for WW2. All is good." - Spin (he was from Germany)

294. "Thanks for subscribing. Don't forget to use the secret knock before entering my channel." - Spin

295. "Thanks for the sub, but that video wasn't the funniest ever. False advertising isn't cool man." - Spin (had a video called “Funniest Video Ever”)

296. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you know how to unscramble the porn channels in motel rooms?" - Spin

297. "Most people usually send me a message after subscribing. Usually along the lines of, "Thank you for letting me subscribe to this awesome channel." I will overlook this mistake...but I don't really appreciate you being so ungrateful. Thanks for subscribing I guess." - Spin

298. "Thanks for subscribing. Subbing is like getting to first base...don't try to steal second...I'm not that kind of guy." - Spin

299. “Per our collective bargaining agreement, I am obligated to thank you for subscribing. We'll revisit this issue at negotiations.” - @brennemania

300. "Thanks for subscribing. Oh look, I get to be on top of @crazykickasskat! She normally likes the bottom." - Spin (Kate commented before I did)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


261. "Thanks for subscribing. @jonathuggg may have said it first, but I really mean it." - Spin

262. "If I kill MEEKAKITTY can I have her spot in the "Awesome People" box? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (MEEKAKITTY was in his promoted channels box)

263. "Thanks for the sub. I'd sub you back but you currently have 7 subscribers. That is my lucky number & I don't want to change it." - Spin

264. "Thank you for subscribing. I love you." - @dr_lindyke

265. "I'll let you subscribe, but only cause I feel sorry for you. After don't know what real bacon is. Thanks for the sub." - Spin (he was from Canada)

266. "Thanks for the sub, your profile pic looks very familiar to me." - Spin (the picture was blank)

267. In Response To: "you were my 3,000th subscriber! :D :D :D THANK YOU!" - @macaroon1

"You were not my 3,000th must now go get about 1,000 of your friends to subscribe. Thanks for the sub though." - Spin

268. "After much time & consideration I have decided to approve your subscription. Congrats, and thanks." - Spin

269. "Congrats on subscribing to my channel. I hope you can handle the responsibility." - Spin

270. "Thanks for subscribing. I hope you washed your hands before clicking my subscribe button though." - Spin

271. "@jonathuggg wanted me to take his thank you back. He prematurely thanked you & his heart wasn't in it. I however...honestly thank you for subscribing." - Spin

272. "I know you're just trying to pressure me into making videos...but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

273. "Thanks for the sub, but you will need to sign a waiver stating that I will not be held responsible for any injury you may incur while on my channel." - Spin

274. In Response To: "Thanks for subscribing!! You are officially a Thuggg Nugget!!" - @jonathuggg

"Are you going to let @jonathuggg call you names like that? Anyways, thanks for subscribing." - Spin

275. "I knew that if you trained long & hard enough you would be able to do it. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

276. "Thank you for subscribing, but the Princess is in another castle." - Spin (user was a Nintendo fan)

277. "Thanks for subscribing. Was it all the nude girls in my videos or my charming personality that got you to sub?" - Spin

278. "Thanks for subscribing, but would you still care if my last name wasn't Scott?" - Spin

279. "Thanks for subscribing. Your subscription will be considered probationary for the first year. If I don't have any trouble from you during that time, I will remove your probationary status." - Spin

280. "Thanks for the sub. *insert funny comment*" - Spin

Monday, November 14, 2011


241. "Thanks for subscribing. If you like dubstep, you will LOVE Inverse T. Clown." - Spin

242. "Thanks for subscribing. I will name this cat carcass in your honor." - Spin

243. "Move along...nothing to see here...thanks for subbing though." - Spin

244. "Thanks for subscribing...did you feel the earth move?" - Spin

245. "FRIST!

Could you delete all the comments before mine? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

246. "Thanks for the sub, I knew all the bad things I heard about you weren't true."
- Spin

247. "Thanks for the sub, now go watch every video on my channel & write a 5 page summary. It's due on Dec. 11th." - Spin

248. "Unfortunately, in order to continue thanking new subscribers, I have to use the investments of current subscribers. Please submit 10 unique "thank you for subscribing messages" within five business days.

PS: I don't want this system to crash like it did on Bernie." - Edric Haleen

249. "Thank you for subscribing. I promise it won't hurt...much." - @ethanjivey

250. "Thanks for subscribing. You have touched me deeply." - @dr_lindyke

251. "Thanks for subscribing. My channel is located in the US, and I'm going to need to see your greencard before you watch any of my videos." - Spin

252. "I got an e-mail saying you hit the big yellow button on my channel. Don't you touch that button again or there will be hell to pay." - Spin

253. "Thanks for the sub. I normally like to say something funny now...but I got nothing." - Spin

254. "Let me apologize in advance for anything you might see on my channel. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

255. "Your videos are the greatest, thanks for subscribing." - Spin (user had 0 uploads)

256. "Thanks for subscribing. If you can find the hidden picture of Zack Scott in "Internet People 2" you win a spot on his server!" - Spin

257. "Thanks for the sub, you sir are the reason I make videos. JUST FOR YOU, so don't go sharing them with your friends." - Spin

258. "Thanks you for subscribing. I've got a headache, so please keep the noise down while you're on my channel." - Spin

259. "If you subscribe to @jonathuggg & he leaves a comment here...let me know right away. I know he's planning something be careful. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

260. "Thanks for subscribing, and for the last time the answer is NO." - Spin (to the best of my knowledge he's never asked me anything)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


221. "Thank you for subscribing, but before being granted full access to my channel you must first go to Kina Grannis's channel & request that she cover "Today's The Day" by Inverse T. Clown. Otherwise you will not be allowed to see the videos of me mud wrestling with Zap from the original American Gladiators." - Spin

222. "You're 30 and the school you have listed is a Middle School? Don't worry 6th grade is a lot easier the 16 time around. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

223. "Subscribing to me is an early warning sign of acute appendicitis. Thank you for the sub; now please, go to the emergency room." - @brennemania

224. "Thank you for subscribing. To prove you are not a spammer, I want you to tell me how many fingers I'm holding up right now." - Spin

225. "Thanks for subscribing. Someone told me you were a homo, so if this is an attempt to get in my pants...I don't swing that way." - Spin

226. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you have a cup a sugar I could borrow?" - Spin

227. "Thanks for subscribing. I don't remember getting your subscription fee though? Might want to resend it just to be safe." - Spin

228. "Thanks for subscribing. My videos aren't as bad when you're drunk." - Spin

229. "Thanks for subscribing. You might have just been exposed to a computer virus. My bad." - Spin

230. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm sorry @jonathuggg couldn't find anything funny to say. Everyone from Scottland can't be as funny as I am I guess. - Spin (jonathuggg thanked him for subbing right before I did)

231. "Suck my big black dick. Did I say you could subscribe to my videos? You're a fag, and I demand you unsub. This is not Mac. I repeat, Mac did not hack my channel, and this is not Mac.

PS: Mac is awesome...but this is not Mac." - Spin

232. "Thanks for subscribing. This is probably the most important thing you will ever do in your life." - Spin

233. "Thanks for subscribing, but you really shouldn't have." - Spin

234. "Why don't you like trolls? I'm not trying to offend you, but that seems kind of racist to me. Thanks for subscribing aways." - Spin

- In Channel Description: Not that it needs to be said but trolling and flaming here will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.

235. "I can't see why you would want to do something so awful, but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

236. "Dang it @jonathuggg beat me. As long as you love me more, I guess that's ok. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (jonathugg thanked him just before I did)

237. "Thanks for subscribing, but please do not poop on the floor. I shouldn't have to say that, but you would be surprised how often this comes up." - Spin

238. "Thanks for subscribing. Please keep your hands above your waist while watching my videos." - Spin

239. "I was about to thank you for subscribing to my channel. But then I saw you were promoting emilyracoon's channel. That tells me that you clearly have no taste, and I'm now offended that you have subscribed to my channel." - Spin

- YouTube Response: You see i wouldn't blame you for not liking Emily she can be mean at times.. I mean shes mean to me and my friends thats why i dont talk to her anymore.... i could unsubscribe if you want.? Or i can just like remove her from my sub box idk if theres anything else i can do.. but ... idk your choice man.

- My Response: "Yes, do all of the above & send her a message telling her why you unsubbed."

240. "Thanks for subscribing, but don't you fucking dare friend request me." - Spin