Sunday, March 9, 2014


541.  "In June of made the greatest decision of your life...and subscribed to my channel.  Thanks." - Spin

542.  "Is 3 years too long to wait to thank someone for subscribing to their channel?  Anyways... thanks for subscribing!" - Spin

543.  "I really appreciate you subscribing to my channel. I waited to send this thank you so I would seem so desperate." - Spin

544.  "Thanks for subscribing. Does the capital "Z" help take your mind off the fact that you came in last in the alphabetical race?" - Spin (username: BigZ)

545.  "I thought I sent you a thank you for subscribing message like 3 years ago. Your mom recently brought it to my attention that I didn't...and now I feel bad.  Please tell your mom to stop giving me a guilt trip on Twitter now." - Spin

546.  "SURPRISE THANK YOU!  Bet you thought I forgot to thank you for subscribing didn't you?  Haha I got you so good." - Spin

547.  "I don't think you know how much you changed my life by subscribing to my channel. Words cannot express how much your personal support has meant to me over the past 2 years.  You were the sole reason I managed to get through some of the darkest times in my life. You are the reason for my continued being...but don't tell my wife." - Spin

548.  "Thank you for subscribing to my channel 2 years ago.  Your comment on my last video made my day." - Spin (they didn't comment on my video)

549.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel 2 years ago.  I assume you're still subscribed...I mean you didn't leave me did you? You son of a bitch...we had something special & you ruined it." - Spin

550.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011. Every year on June 29th I remember our anniversary & take a moment to think about how special I must be for you to waste your time watching my videos." - Spin

551.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I'd have thanked you sooner, but I've been busy killing @Lmac_77." - Spin

552.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011.  Even if you did do it just because @ZackScott told you to." - Spin

553.  "You just lost the game, but thanks for subscribing to me back in 2011." - Spin

554.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011. Unfortunately you haven't been watching enough of my videos, so I'm going to have to unsubscribe you from my channel." - Spin

555.  "Thanks for subscribing. You know the best part of subscribing? Actually watching the videos. You should try it." - Spin

556.  "It's been wonderful having you as a subscriber, but your subscription is about to run out. If you wish to continue getting C- videos in your stream on a semi-regular basis, you'll have to sign a new 3 year contract before June of this year." - Spin

557.  "You signed up for YouTube in June 2010. You subscribed to my channel in June 2011...June seems to be a good month for you. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

558.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. Sorry this message took so long to get to you, but it took me 3 years to figure out how to send PM's on YouTube. I'm 3 years isn't that bad I guess." - Spin

559.  "Thanks for subscribing. Your time is very appreciated...much like the fabric softener I use when I wash my underwear." - Spin

560.  "I was going to wait until you got your first subscriber before thanking you for subscribing to me...but it's taking too long.  Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

Sunday, December 11, 2011


521. "Thanks for subscribing. You're not as dumb as Stumblez looks." - Spin

522. "I'm trying to thank more people than @jonathuggg, could you please delete his comment & forget it ever happened? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

523. "Thanks for subscribing Jamie. I'm putting you on the waiting list to get on @ZackScott's server. There is only 20,472 people ahead of you so keep your fingers crossed." - Spin

524. "Thanks for subscribing, but you shouldn't just do anything @ZackScott tells you to do." - Spin

525. "I see that @brockNoid didn't feel you were worthy of dubbing a "Noid". Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

In Response To @brockNoid: "Hey slazaz, thanks for subscribing!"

526. "Thanks for subscribing. Could you leave this module up, but disallow farther comments? If so, I want you to do that, and then subscribe to @jonathuggg. He'll see my comment and not be able to add his own.

Message to Jonathuggg: NANNER NANNER NANNER!" - Spin

527. "Thanks for subscribing. I see @SwimmingBirdFly beat me here by 6 hours. I should be fired for slacking off." - Spin

528. "Thanks for subscribing. @SwimmingBirdFly sure is long winded isn't he?" - Spin

In Response To: "Thanks for subscribing SpaceBannana! It helps me a lot! How are things down under? I'm both captivated and terrified by Australia...I'm sure it's amazing, but it seems like there are a ton of deadly animals and extreme climates to worry about. I'm rambling now, but I guess if you're in a city you don't have to mind that stuff too much, right?"

529. "Thanks for subscribing. How the heck is Rozz in your featured module & I'm not? He's DEAD for heavens sake, give me his spot." - Spin

530. "Thanks for subscribing Maggie. Don't be surprised if @jonathuggg starts sending you messages. He likes really young girls." - Spin (jonathugg had recently thanked her as well)

531. "Thanks for subscribing. You should be careful. @J_Dahla said he was planning a prank to pull on you." - Spin

532. "Thanks for subscribing. I could totally kick @AtheneLOL's butt at Minecraft." - Spin (Athene calls himself the best gamer in the world & this guy was a fan.)

533. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you watched Morris get some lumber. I've got lots of wood as well." - Spin (she subbed after watching Sam's video)

534. "Stay the hell off my channel or I'll stuff you in a burlap sack & throw you in the river. Thanks for the sub though." - Spin (username: MrJustKitten)

535. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm currently a grey belt in Tae Kwon Do. Every time I get a new belt it's always grey...I'm about to give up." - Spin (bragged about his blue belt & I'm colorblind)

536. "I noticed that a female subbed my channel so I rushed right over. Then I saw you were married & favorited cat I'm no longer all that excited. Thanks for subbing." - Spin

537. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you have cats in Australia? If not, what do you use for target practice?" - Spin

538. "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. @mrcmoes just showed me his montage of pixilated Scottland dicks. I'm trying to get him to upload it to his channel." - Spin

539. "Thanks for subscribing. I see that you like Peter's Buns. He'll be thrilled, @petercoffin's been working really hard with his new "Buns Of Steel" DVD." - Spin

540. "Thanks for subscribing. In honor of your subscribing to my channel I dub thee BradNoid. Now go subscribe to @brockNoid's channel. I'm betting he has nothing to say now." - Spin (Brock dubs everyone a "Noid" after they sub him.)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


501. "Thanks for subscribing. Your channel deserves much more views." - Spin (user had 0 uploads)

502. "Thanks for subscribing. I don't know why it took you 2 years to do it...but thanks..." - Spin (user joined YouTube 2 years ago)

503. "Thanks for subscribing. You can now watch my videos an unlimited amount of times for FREE! (just don't read the fine print)" - Spin

504. "Thanks for subscribing. I've already watched all my videos, but feel free to enjoy my sloppy seconds." - Spin

505. "Thanks for subscribing. I know why your profile picture is so happy....he's yellow." - Spin (had a smile face as a profile picture)

506. "Thanks for subscribing. It's not the size of the rocker that matters. It's the amount of drugs they do that really counts." - Spin (username: LittleRocker)

507. "Thanks for subscribing. You complete me." - Spin

508. "Thanks for subscribing dickinator!" - Spin (username: thenickinator1)

2nd Comment: "Oops...typo..." - Spin (no it wasn't)

509. "Thanks for subscribing. You don't look 31? I think I'll turn you in to YouTube security for fibbing about your age." - Spin

510. "Thanks for subscribing. I wish all Mexican's who crossed the boarder illegally would just keep on going until they reached Canada." - Spin (username: mexicanawesomeness & he was from Canada)

511. "Thanks for subscribing. By subscribing to my channel you hereby agree to be awesome!
*User also agrees to a monthly subscription fee. To favorite, like & comment on every video. And lastly to feature my channel on his own page for the rest of this channels existence.*" - Spin

512. "Thanks for subscribing JOKE MASTER....bring on the funny. Make me laugh if you can. Buster Keaton's nickname was old stone face...well my nickname is Buster Keaton. Come it! *waits* I'm not laughing..." - Spin (username: jokemaster20091)

513. "Thanks for subscribing. You might be interested to know that Chris Sabo was the starting 3rd baseman for the Cincinnati Reds in 1990 when they won the World Series." - Spin (user was from UK & gave no indication of being interested in baseball)

514. "WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM!" - Spin (username: WamBam) (was a guy...but he looked like a girl)

515. "Thanks for subscribing. You've made me so happy I'm about to cry." - Spin


517. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you know some people have been waiting 6 months for a "Thank You" from me? You got yours in less than 1 day!" - Spin

518. "Thanks for subscribing. I think I have the flu, so you might want to wait a few days before watching my videos." - Spin

519. "Thanks for subscribing. I'll need you to undergo a complete background check before I can decide whether or not to keep you around." - Spin

520. "Thanks for subscribing. I'll get you back some day...just you wait." - Spin

Friday, December 9, 2011


481. "It's too bad your mom wasn't married when she had you. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (username: FlashbastardDX)

482. "Thanks for subscribing. You should favorite all my videos, then give them all a thumbs up, and if you have time you should tweet them to all your friends, and facebooking them probably wouldn't hurt either. I guess you should share them on Google+, and of course comment on everything. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. That should be enough to keep you busy for awhile." - Spin

483. "Thanks for subscribing. Now introduce me to the lovely lady who commented before I did." - Spin (there was a hot chick who turned out to be a musician who posted below me...I'm now stalking her)

484. "You & I could make beautiful music together. Assuming you're a talented musician...and of course I'd have to learn to play an instrument...or carry a tune. maybe we couldn't make beautiful music, but thanks for subscribing Brittney." - Spin

485. "Why hello there pretty lady. I came here to thank you for subscribing, but now I don't want to leave. I'm printing out your profile picture now so I can put it in a tiny locket & wear it around my neck every day.

Ok...maybe I'm not, but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

486. "Thanks for subscribing. I'll never forgive you for this." - Spin

487. "Thanks for subscribing. My dream has come true." - Spin

488. "A gaming channel with NO gaming videos. A GREAT IDEA! Why didn't I think of that. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

489. "Thanks for subscribing. The Irate Gamer is better than the Angry Videogame Nerd." - Spin (he was a AVN fan)

490. "Thanks for subscribing Jordan. I would thank Taylor as well...but I only thank 1 person per subscription." - Spin (channel belonged to 2 people named Taylor & Jordan)

491. "Thanks for subscribing & posting your e-mail. Now I can sell it to spammers." - Spin

492. "Thanks for subscribing, but I never wanted kids of my own." - Spin

493. "Thanks for subscribing. I'll take 1 large with extra cheese & 2 orders of breadsticks." - Spin (username: TMNTPIZZA)

494. "Thanks for subscribing. What a coincidence 6,243 is the number of thank you messages I think I've written today." - Spin (username: dude6243)

495. "It's important to learn from your mistakes so they don't happen again. Which reminds me, thanks for subscribing." - Spin

496. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm not impressed with your programming." - Spin (username: AlexTV)

497. "Thanks for subscribing. You are now more special than most YouTubers...but just a little." - Spin

498. "I just popped your channel's cherry with this comment. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

499. "Thanks for subscribing. If I made a list of my favorite subscribers, you would rank in the top 2,200. No question about it." - Spin

500. "Thanks for subscribing. You should put the channel comment module up at the very top of your page. After all, this comment is the only thing worth looking at." - Spin

Thursday, December 8, 2011


461. "Thanks for subscribing. It took a lot of courage." - Spin

462. "Thanks for subscribing...even though you only did it to force me to write this message." - Spin

463. "Thanks for subscribing just to spite me." - Spin

465. "Thanks for subscribing, but I think we should slow down. I'm not that kind of YouTuber." - Spin

466. "Thanks for subscribing. So...what are you wearing?" - Spin

467. "Thanks for subscribing Caleb. Before you can become a permanent resident of Spintown, you'll need to kill at least 7 kittens." - Spin

468. "Thanks for subscribing Brandon. Ever since I was forced to take down my pole dance tutorials my channel hasn't been getting many views." - Spin

469. "Thanks for subscribing....and I didn't even have to get you drunk." - Spin

470. "Thanks for subscribing. It was fate." - Spin

471. "Thanks for subscribing. Do want to buy a slightly used couch? I need to sell mine. I've farted on it a number of times while gaming in Scottland. Total collectors item." - Spin

472. "Thanks for subscribing. Can you say hello to Mickey Mouse for me? Let him know I'm sorry about the shin kicking I gave him in '87." - Spin (he was from Orlando)

473. "Thanks for subscribing. It's the most exciting thing to happen to me in the past 37 seconds." - Spin

474. "Thanks for subscribing. Did you know I once beat Carl Sagan in a spelling bee? The man is smart as a whip, but a shit speller." - Spin (he favorited a Carl Sagan video)

475. "Thanks for subscribing. You are now WINNING!" - Spin

476. "Thanks for subscribing. Your neighbor wanted me to ask you to close your blinds while you jerk it in the morning. Apparently he doesn't like to watch." - Spin

477. "SuperVideoHunts is full of shit. Thanks for subscribing" - Spin

In Response To: "You make great videos!" - SuperVideoHunts

478. "Thanks for subscribing. Please don't watch more than your share of my videos. I have to spread them out equally among all my subscribers." - Spin

479. "You have more x's in your name than most of the porn sites I visit. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin

480. "Thanks for subscribing. I promise not to bother you with videos." - Spin

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


441. "I was going to start a YouTube channel for my penis, but you stole the username I wanted. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (Username: MrJWillyV)

442. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm sorry for all the napalm." - Spin (he was from Vietnam)

443. "Thanks for subscribing, but I think you should reconsider." - Spin

444. "Thanks for subscribing. What did you bring me?" - Spin

445. "Thanks for subscribing. Didn't I see you at Wal-Mart yesterday?" - Spin

446. "My mother always taught me that it was polite to write thank-you notes... so this is your virtual thank-you note for subscribing to me." - Spin

447. "You forgot to list porn as an interest. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin

448. "Thanks for subscribing. Please take a number, and when your number is called it's your turn to watch my new video." - Spin

449. "Thanks for subscribing. There is no morning after pill for're stuck with me." - Spin

450. "Thanks for subscribing. Guess you'll learn your lesson about drinking & surfing." - Spin

451. "Thanks for subscribing, but why do you have to be so mean to me?" - Spin

452. "The audience decides if you are an entertainer or not. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

In Response To: "Im an Entertainer!"

453. "Thanks for subscribing. Could you please tell me what yellow looks like?" - Spin

454. "Thanks for subscribing. I would sub you back, but I don't want my logo next to that other subscriber you have. He looks like he touches kids." - Spin

455. “Thanks for subscribing. I like people who can spell.” - Spin

In Response To: “i ilke people the ae them selfs”

YouTube PM: “You put, i like people that can spell. What do you mean, i would dearly like that if you can get back to me Spintown.This did real puzzle me.”

456. "Thanks for subscribing, I really don't know what else to say. No really, I've been typing these thank you message all day & I'm out of ideas." - Spin

457. "Thanks for subscribing, but we both know this can't last. You're just with me for my looks." - Spin

458. "You should put out some coffee & maybe some cookies for the people who stop by your page. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

459. "Thanks for subscribing. You just became a better person." - Spin

460. "Thanks for subscribing. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to comment again." - Spin

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


421. "Thanks for subscribing. I was wondering if I could interest you in a set of steak knives?" - Spin

422. "Once upon a time you subscribed to my channel. We all lived happily ever after. Thanks." - Spin

423. "Thanks for subscribing. We close at 1AM, please make sure you're off my channel by then." - Spin

424. "Thanks for subscribing. It makes my penis hard when people do that." - Spin

425. "I really don't know what to say. What you did is just incredible & amazing. Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before. It really is life changing, and I have no idea how I'll make it up to you. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

426. "Thanks for subscribing, but unfortunately you have failed the mandatory drug test. I run a drug free channel, so your subscription will be voided." - Spin

427. "Your channel is a little bland, so I thought I'd leave this comment to brighten the place up a little. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

428. "Thanks for subscribing Dave. Long time no see." - Spin (don't know the guy & his name isn't posted, but I saw someone else call him Dave)

429. "Thanks for subscribing. You are prohibited by law to unsubscribe now." - Spin

430. "Thanks for subscribing Will. Only a true fan would watch the crap I upload." - Spin

431. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you like the movie "Labyrinth"? Did you know I was one of the 2 babies used in that film?" - Spin

432. "Thanks for subscribing. I wish I was from Japan, I've always wanted to glow in the dark." - Spin (user was from Japan)

433. "Thanks for subscribing, I think you made the right call." - Spin

434. "Thanks for subscribing, but you clearly don't care about my channel very much. It's been 6 days since you've logged into YouTube, and I expect my subscribers to watch my videos every day." - Spin

435. "I heard you were giving out free flu shots here? While I'm waiting...thanks for subscribing." - Spin

436. "Thanks for subscribing. Maybe one day I can do the same for you. You know...if you ever start uploading good videos." - Spin

437. "Thanks for subscribing Vance, but will you please tell Tom I don't want to be his friend on MySpace?" - Spin (Username: TomAndVance)

438. "Thanks for subscribing. In honor of your subscription I will now count to 115,283." - Spin (Username: 115283)

439. "Thanks for subscribing. If you ever sneak across the boarder I'd like to shake your hand...but then of course I'd have to turn you that's a bad idea." - Spin (user was from Mexico)

440. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you favorited the same booty shaking video I did. Very cool." - Spin