Thursday, May 26, 2011


101. "Great -- ANOTHER damn subscriber. Well -- thanks, I guess -- and welcome. Just don't leave a mess when you visit, okay?" - Edric Haleen

102. "Thanks so much for subscribing. Really. It's not like I had anything better to do than to shuffle everything around to make room for you..." - Edric Haleen

103. "Thank you for subscribing. Your family will be returned to you safe and unharmed." - @brennemania

104. "Thank you for subscribing. I'll make you a deal. If you translate your entire YouTube channel into Russian, I'll sub you, too!!!" - Edric Haleen

105. "Thank you for subscribing. I have now reached my subscriber goal for this channel, and I am shutting it down." - @dr_lindyke

106. "Thank you for subscribing. I guess this means I have to return your patio furniture now." - @Graham_EmpGum

107. "Thank you for subscribing. I now have one more person in my clique than I had before. I also got to use a SAT word in a sentence!" - @BoffoYuxDudes

108. "Thank you for subscribing. Please know that the mini-bar's not free, but go ahead and help yourself to whatever you'd like..." - Edric Haleen

109. "Thank you for subscribing. Ever since I was a little boy, I've dreamed of this day." - Edric Haleen

110. "Thank you for subscribing. !yad sdrawkcab ot emoclew dnA" - @dr_lindyke

111. "Thank you for subscribing. Your credit card will be billed in three easy installments of $55.95." - @NinjaMarion

112. "Thanks for subscribing. Please remove your shoes before entering my channel." - @hamisgood

113. "Thank you for subscribing. The next show starts in 10 minutes." - @dr_lindyke

114. "Thank you for subscribing. (Nobody else wanted me to let you join, but they're not the boss of me . . .)" - Edric Haleen

115. "Thank you for subscribing. You don't happen to have any kids who need a gym teacher, do you?" - Edric Haleen

116. "Thank you for subscribing. This is the highlight of your day. (Just thought you should know . . .)" - Edric Haleen

117. "Thanks for subscribing, and welcome to the family...son. Now, go clean your room." - @dr_lindyke

118. "Thank you for subscribing. If you take the time to leave a comment for each of my posted videos, you'll achieve Platinum Membership Status! (But hurry -- this offer expires in 72 hours . . .)" - Edric Haleen

119. "Thank you for subscribing. You're performing a valuable public service. Your country thanks you." - Edric Haleen

120. "Thank you for subscribing. This was the first of several post-hypnotic suggestions implanted in my videos. The rest are a surprise." - @dr_lindyke

Sunday, May 22, 2011


81. "Thank you for subscribing. You won't regret this much." - Edric Haleen

82. "Thank you for subscribing. It's people like you who make the Internet such a special place. Really. I mean that. I'm not being facetious at all. That was really special what you did. There should be more people like you. EVERYONE should be like you. What a great place this world would be if they were. (Why do you keep looking at me like that? I'm being totally serious here! You represent the very best that the Internet has to offer. No I'm NOT being sarcastic! I REALLY MEAN IT!!!)" - Edric Haleen

83. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm in awe. Actually, I'm in Ohio, but close enough." - @BoffoYuxDudes

84. "Thanks for the sub. While 6 inches is less than adequate, it's the thought that counts." - @BoffoYuxDudes

85. "Thanks for subscribing. Not quite as cool as superscribing, but you have a goal now." - @BoffoYuxDudes

86. "Thank you for subscribing. (For an extra ten dollars, I won't spam your channel...)" - Edric Haleen

87. "Thank you for subscribing. Some day, historians will look back at the forming of this alliance and recognize it as one of the twenty most pivotal moments in modern human history." - Edric Haleen

88. "Thank you for subscribing. Once we receive your membership fee, we will send you your welcome kit and your official roll of Spintown toilet paper." - Edric Haleen

89. "Thank you for subscribing. Government officials will be arriving shortly to facilitate your reassignment to Spintown Personnel Improvement Facility (SPIF) #6. Please cooperate fully and do not resist..." - Edric Haleen

90. "Thank you for subscribing. Time will tell whether this was a wise move on your part or not..." - Edric Haleen

91. "Thank you for subscribing. Please use your super-secret decoder ring to unlock the bonus features of my channel." - Edric Haleen

92. "Thank you for subscribing. Now all your base are belong to us." - Edric Haleen

93. "Thank you for subscribing. I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?" - Edric Haleen

94. "Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately, we're running a little behind here -- we're still trying to organize the welcome party for the LAST person who subscribed. (Any chance you can bring a quart of potato salad?)" - Edric Haleen

95. "Thanks for the sub. It's roomy and has a Jules Verne feel to it. Let's see if this thing can get to 20,000 leagues!" - @BoffoYuxDudes

96. "Oh. You subscribed to me. We just barely met, this is all happening so fast. I don't know if my parents will approve. Thanks though." - @brennemania

97. "Thank you for subscribing. I can finally get on with my life." - Edric Haleen

98. "Thank you for subscribing. I had almost run out of victims..." - Edric Haleen

99. "Thank you for subscribing. When the uprising comes, I can count on your loyalty, right?" - Edric Haleen

100. "Thank you for subscribing. I'm putting you in charge of the "Word-A-Day" feature on the Spintown channel. (Check with @Chelsea_Delaney for the words that have already been used -- we're not big on duplicate entries...)" - Edric Haleen

Friday, May 20, 2011


61. "Thank you for subscribing. Please quietly take your place in line and don't disturb the other subscribers." - Edric Haleen

62. "Thank you for subscribing. (Did you lose a bet?)" - Edric Haleen

63. "Thank you for subscribing -- I appreciate it. On another note: I have a tunafish sandwich -- you wanna trade?" - Edric Haleen

64. "Fuck off! You didn't just sub my channel did you? Thanks for the subscription." - Spin
- Was in response to this tweet: "Ireland - The only place where 'Fuck Off' Means 'Are You Serious'?"
- Twitter Response: "Hey Man, no thanks needed for the sub ! i love your videos :) thanks for the funny comment :D You Hero !"

65. "Thanks for subscribing, but I think you stole my rubber chicken. Give it back or I will call the authorities." - Spin (user had a rubber chicken in a video they uploaded)

66. "Thanks for the subscription, I promise you'll get your moneys worth." - Spin

67. "Thanks for subscribing (name)! (channel name) is an awesome name for a channel, and your (subject) videos are great!" - Spin

68. "Thank you for subscribing. (What the hell took you so long?)" - Edric Haleen

69. "Thank you for subscribing. Your vote has been counted. We have no more use for you. Have a nice day." - Edric Haleen

70. "Thank you for subscribing. Please rest assured that no less than two different independent agencies have deemed my channel's radioactivity levels safe for normal use." - Edric Haleen

71. "Thank you for subscribing. To complete the subscription process, please register a copy of the long form of your birth certificate with my secretary." - Edric Haleen

72. "Thank you for subscribing. If you've got any hot friends, could you introduce me? (Oh -- wait. If you're following ME, you probably aren't the kind of person who's going to have hot friends. Never mind . . .)" - Edric Haleen

73. "Thanks for...WTF! I'm not in your "Other Channels" module!? I'm glad I didn't finsh that thank you..." - Spin (user then added me to the module)

74. "Thank you for subscribing. If you see a large silverfish, please don't squash it or kill it -- he's our channel's mascot. It got loose a couple of days ago, and I'm starting to get worried -- it's not like him to be gone for this long..." - Edric Haleen

75. "Thank you for subscribing. Don't forget to visit the gift shop on your way out..." - Edric Haleen

76. "Thank you for subscribing! I'm thinking of starting a club of all my subscribers. Or is that starting to club all of them? I forget which. I bet you're in for a surprise either way." - @BoffoYuxDudes

77. "Thank you for subscribing. Now I feel obligated to do something. Turn around. I don't want you looking." - @BoffoYuxDudes

78. "Thank you for subscribing. Save me a place in line, okay?" - Edric Haleen

79. "There. You got what you wanted. You happy now? You're on my subscriber list. Now LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!" - Edric Haleen
- YouTube Response: "I'm sorry if i wronged you I don't know what I have done to wrong you but I am sorry"

80. "Thank you for subscribing. I'm putting you in as a 14th-seed in the "Minecraft" bracket. Your first match is this Saturday against #3 seed Zack Scott. Good luck!" - Edric Haleen
- YouTube Response: "Do I need to have Minecraft in order to be in the brackett? Message me back with the answer."
- Edric's Response: "If you even have to ask the question, I'm pretty sure that Zack Scott will be advancing to the next round to face either #5 "ldshadowlady" or #12 "Brocknoid"..."

Thursday, May 19, 2011


41. "Thanks for subscribing. I will never forget this moment." - Spin

42. "Thanks for subscribing, but I don't know if I'm ready for this level of commitment." - Spin

43. "I question your judgment, but I thank you for your subscription." - Edric Haleen

44. "Thank you for subscribing. Please do not be concerned if you experience a radical increase in the amount of spam e-mails you receive. You knew what you were in for when you agreed to subscribe..." - Edric Haleen


46. "Thank you for subscribing. Any chance you could come over and do my laundry next?" - Edric Haleen

47. "Thank you for subscribing. Your football phone should arrive in 6-8 weeks." - @NinjaMarion

48. "Thank you for subscribing, but please stop messing with the thermostat when you visit -- I have it set just the way I want it." - Edric Haleen

49. "Thanks for the sub. I love you. Literally. Drop me your street address so I can show you what a creeper really is." - @BoffoYuxDudes

50. "Thank you for subscribing. How did you find out about my channel? (Check all that apply.)

[ ] Web search.
[ ] Referral from friend.
[ ] Promotional flyer stuck in my door.
[ ] Leaflet letter-bombed from airplane.
[ ] Spam.
[ ] Dumb luck.
[ ] Sometimes bad things just happen for no good reason at all." - Edric Haleen

51. "Thank you for subscribing. I'm sure that being my 1,090th subscriber is very rewarding for you." - Edric Haleen

52. "Thank you for subscribing. I know it's a little crowded in here right now, but if you can find space to squeeze yourself in between all the bots and the trolls, I think you'll have a good time!" - Edric Haleen

53. "Thank you for subscribing. By subscribing, you have earned five "Spin-bucks." These "Spin-bucks" have already been deposited in your account. If you refer a friend to become a subscriber, both of you can earn another five "Spin-bucks." And every time you "like" or link to one of my YouTube videos, you can earn even more "Spin-bucks." Once you have accumulated seven million "Spin-bucks," I'll send you an autographed paper clip! (Standard-sized paper clips only. Shipping and handling costs on jumbo paper clips are prohibitively expensive . . .)" - Edric Haleen

54. "Of all my subscribers, you're my favorite! (And for $20, I promise I WON'T say that to the NEXT person who subscribes...)" - Edric Haleen

55. "Congratulations! We are please to inform you that your subscription request has been approved. You were part of a very competitive field of applicants, but your qualifications put you head-and-shoulders above the rest. You may report for the first day of your apprenticeship training at 8:00 a.m. EDT next Monday (May 16) in front of the main entrance to Spintown Towers in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. (Please remember to bring a No. 2 pencil and 200 college-ruled index cards when you come.) We're very excited to have you as part of our team!" - Edric Haleen

56. "Thank you for subscribing. I knew that SOMEBODY would follow that trail of Reese's Pieces..." - Edric Haleen

57. "I long for the day I am good enough to be in your "Other Channels" module. Thanks for subscribing!" - Spin

58. "I was going to thank you for subscribing, but then I saw you recently subbed Willow Smith. So that pretty much means you'll sub anyone." - Spin

59. "It's too bad your parents spelled your name wrong on your birth certificate. But thanks for subscribing Mallary!" - Spin

60. "Thank you for subscribing. As is the tradition, we must now duel to the death. As you're the one who subscribed, I get to choose the weapons -- and I choose marshmallow Peeps at 20 paces. I'll see you in the parking lot behind the Speedway at noon..." - Edric Haleen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


21. "Thanks for subscribing. Just so you know, everytime someone unsubscribes I kick a puppy." - Spin

22. "Everytime someone subscribes, I write their name on the prison wall. I'll put you somewhere special!" - @Graham_EmpGum

23. "Thanks for subscribing! Sometimes I think we should run off together and start a family." - @Graham_EmpGum

24. "Thanks for the sub, you have just won subscriber of the month! I'll hang your picture over my computer all month." - Spin

25. "I broke all 10 fingers yesterday, but your subscribing to my channel meant so much to me that I still had to type a thank you message." - Spin

26. "Thanks for subscribing. This is even more exciting than that free trial of Viagra someone e-mailed me about." - Spin

27. "Why is everything on this page typed in gibberish? Oh, and thanks for subscribing." - Spin (it was Portugese)

28. "I have to go call everyone I know to let them know how happy I am that you subbed. Thanks." - Spin

29. "Thank you for subscribing! Now I need to ask you something. Do you know Kevin Bacon? (I'm trying to lower my Bacon number...)" - Edric Haleen

30. "Thank you for subscribing. A credit in the amount of $0.13 will appear on your credit card within 30 business days." - Edric Haleen

31. "I am so happy you subscribed to my channel! Mom always TOLD me that someday I'd have a friend!" - Edric Haleen

32. "Thanks for subbing, but I would feel even more special if I was the ONLY person you subscribed to. I'll check back next week to see if you unsubbed the 496 other people not as important as me." - Spin

33. "Thanks for subscribing! Does this mean I'm winning?" - Edric Haleen

34. "Thank you for subscribing. Remember not to leave without getting your hand stamped, or you will not be let back in." - Edric Haleen

35. Thanks for the sub! Now you're a part of the Spintown army! Conscripted, of course. (That means we don't have to pay you) - @BoffoYuxDudes

36. "Thanks for the sub! Actually you should thank me for allowing you to join. Beware, I'm a little humble around the edges." - @BoffoYuxDudes

37. "Thank you for subscribing. Now try subscribing to me on CHALLENGE MODE!" - @brennemania

38. "Thanks for the sub. Want to watch me put the periscope up? Pervert." - @BoffoYuxDudes

39. "Thank you for subscribing. To show you my appreciation, I will grant you three wishes. (But no wishing for more wishes. And no wishing for anything bad to happen to someone else -- that's not nice. And I can't make someone fall in love with you. And I'm kind of tapped out at the moment, so don't wish for anything too expensive. And nothing too heavy, 'cause shipping charges are RIDICULOUS right now, what with the price of gas and all. Oh -- and nothing alive... Y'know what? Screw it. No wishes -- just my thanks. Thank you. You rock. Again -- no wishes. Just so we're clear. Just thanks.)" - Edric Haleen

40. "Thank you for subscribing. A contribution to the Detroit Relief Fund has been made in your name." - Edric Haleen (edited by Spin)


1. "Thanks for subscribing, it makes me feel pretty." - Spin

2. "Thanks for subscribing. Spintown subscribers live 7 years longer than the average human." - Spin

3. "Thanks for subscribing. I'll be uploading new poledancing videos just as soon as I get this new pole installed." - Spin

4. "Thanks for subscribing, I knew my good looks would get me far on the internet." - Spin

5. "Thanks for subscribing, does this channel make my ass look big?" - Spin

6. "Thanks for subscibing, I have an EPIC video planned for the summer of 2027." - Spin

7. "Thanks for the sub. Now, Zack Scott Says stand on your head..." - Spin

8. "OMG! I can't believe you're 28, I USED TO BE 28! We have so much in common, thanks for subscribing." - Spin

9. "I appreciate your subscription to my internet TV set. If you like the programming milk trumpet brown wallpaper." - Spin

10. "Thanks for subscribing. For every video you watch I'll donate $1 to my personal piggy bank in your honor." - Spin

11. "Thanks for subscribing to me on YouTube! But the cool kids follow me on Twitter as well." - Spin (sent via Twitter)

12. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm so happy I could shit rainbows." - Spin

13. "Thanks for subscribing. Keep your expectations low, and well get along fine." - Spin

14. "Thanks for the sub, I knew all those terrible things people were saying about you weren't true." - Spin

15. "Thanks for the sub. In return, I'll grant you 3 wishes if you can reply to this in the next 2 seconds..." - Spin

16. "Thanks for subscribing, but real fans just send lots of cash." - Spin

17. "You joined YouTube on April 13th? Wow, it didn't take you long to find the cream of the crop. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

18. "I once saved a baby from a house fire. You subscribed my channel. You are totally more awesome than me. Thanks for subscribing."

19. "I came here to thank you for subscribing Kamil. But now that I'm here you should know autoplay on the channel page is annoying." - Spin

20. "9 832624 27952 1345 23 354 6 2332 62 333 Thanks for subscribing, I left you a special message written in code." - Spin