About This Blog

I forget when it was I first started sending thank you messages to my new subscribers on YouTube. It's a common practice, and I've never had many subscribers so it was never hard to keep up with the new subs.

In early April, Zack Scott invited me to play Minecraft on his server. He has a gaming channel on YouTube called ZackScottGames. When I started showing up in his videos I started getting a few more subs than usual. At one point he did a sub drive for the players on his server...and that made it difficult to keep up with the new subs pouring in. I'm not complaining, I'm very grateful for Zack's generous act. But YouTube makes it difficult to message a lot of people (in order to keep the spam to a minimum), and it became very time consuming & boring to message the hundreds of new subs I got in a short time.

Eventually...to entertain myself...I stopped leaving the same old "Thanks for subscribing!" message...and started being a bit of a smart ass.

I continued to say thanks, but I tried doing it in a way that would make MYSELF laugh. A lot of the messages probably crept people out or made them go WTF?! But if I was entertained...all was good. I'm pretty sure I lost a few subs because of these messages, but most of them subbed because they thought I might upload Minecraft videos on the channel...and I don't plan on it. I figured most of the new subs would probably leave me anyways...so why not jerk them around a little in the mean time?

Sometimes I shared my strange thank you messages over Twitter. Graham Porter saw these, and offered up a couple strange thank you messages for me to use. I loved his ideas, and the fact that someone besides myself had enjoyed the stupid messages. Shortly after Graham's tweets, I tweeted that I would be taking suggestions from anyone that had a funny message for me to use. I didn't have a ton of responses, but I had a few. Edric Haleen kinda went nuts with the idea, and has probably contributed more than anyone aside from myself.

I thought it would be nice to keep all these thank you messages in one place...so...this is it. Unfortunately a lot of the ones I first used, I didn't tweet. I'm not going to search through all my subs to find those messages. But I hunted down all the ones I tweeted, and will include everything I use from now on. (including those that people send me that I use) I'll be posting them 20 at a time...for as long as people keep subscribing to my channel.

(Sometimes channel comments would be disabled. In those cases I sent the messages via YouTube PM if possible. I sometimes look for Twitter links on channel pages & send messages that way.)

(Sometimes my thank you messages have something to do with Scottland & Minecraft. If you do not follow Zack Scott's Minecraft series...you won't get the joke.)