Submit Your Own

Do you have a funny idea for a thank you message that you want me to use? If so you can send them to me 3 ways:

1. You can tweet them to me. (link in sidebar)
2. You can PM me on YouTube. (link in sidebar)
3. Or you can leave a comment on one of the blog posts.
(friends of mine can continue to e-mail suggestions to me)

I can't promise I'll use your suggestion, because you might not be funny. That is not my fault, so please blame the correct person if that's the case. Even if I like your suggestion it may be awhile before I can use it. I'm not all that popular on YouTube, so at the moment I have more suggestions than new subscribers. If you REALLY can't wait, and want me to use your suggestion faster, I suggest you tell all your friends to subscribe.

Oh, and don't forget to leave your name (or nickname) with your suggestions. I will credit you in the blog, but don't ask me to link to your stuff.