Sunday, March 9, 2014


541.  "In June of made the greatest decision of your life...and subscribed to my channel.  Thanks." - Spin

542.  "Is 3 years too long to wait to thank someone for subscribing to their channel?  Anyways... thanks for subscribing!" - Spin

543.  "I really appreciate you subscribing to my channel. I waited to send this thank you so I would seem so desperate." - Spin

544.  "Thanks for subscribing. Does the capital "Z" help take your mind off the fact that you came in last in the alphabetical race?" - Spin (username: BigZ)

545.  "I thought I sent you a thank you for subscribing message like 3 years ago. Your mom recently brought it to my attention that I didn't...and now I feel bad.  Please tell your mom to stop giving me a guilt trip on Twitter now." - Spin

546.  "SURPRISE THANK YOU!  Bet you thought I forgot to thank you for subscribing didn't you?  Haha I got you so good." - Spin

547.  "I don't think you know how much you changed my life by subscribing to my channel. Words cannot express how much your personal support has meant to me over the past 2 years.  You were the sole reason I managed to get through some of the darkest times in my life. You are the reason for my continued being...but don't tell my wife." - Spin

548.  "Thank you for subscribing to my channel 2 years ago.  Your comment on my last video made my day." - Spin (they didn't comment on my video)

549.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel 2 years ago.  I assume you're still subscribed...I mean you didn't leave me did you? You son of a bitch...we had something special & you ruined it." - Spin

550.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011. Every year on June 29th I remember our anniversary & take a moment to think about how special I must be for you to waste your time watching my videos." - Spin

551.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. I'd have thanked you sooner, but I've been busy killing @Lmac_77." - Spin

552.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011.  Even if you did do it just because @ZackScott told you to." - Spin

553.  "You just lost the game, but thanks for subscribing to me back in 2011." - Spin

554.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel back in 2011. Unfortunately you haven't been watching enough of my videos, so I'm going to have to unsubscribe you from my channel." - Spin

555.  "Thanks for subscribing. You know the best part of subscribing? Actually watching the videos. You should try it." - Spin

556.  "It's been wonderful having you as a subscriber, but your subscription is about to run out. If you wish to continue getting C- videos in your stream on a semi-regular basis, you'll have to sign a new 3 year contract before June of this year." - Spin

557.  "You signed up for YouTube in June 2010. You subscribed to my channel in June 2011...June seems to be a good month for you. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

558.  "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. Sorry this message took so long to get to you, but it took me 3 years to figure out how to send PM's on YouTube. I'm 3 years isn't that bad I guess." - Spin

559.  "Thanks for subscribing. Your time is very appreciated...much like the fabric softener I use when I wash my underwear." - Spin

560.  "I was going to wait until you got your first subscriber before thanking you for subscribing to me...but it's taking too long.  Thanks for subscribing." - Spin