Sunday, June 26, 2011


201. "Thank you for subscribing. Glad you finally made it...noob." - @ethanjivey

202. "Thank you for subscribing, I just favorited your subscription." - @dr_lindyke

203. "Thank you for subscribing. Now cough." - @SammyKablam

204. "Put some gloves on before hitting that subscribe button next time. You hands are fucking cold." - Spin (his name was "MrFreezingfingers")

205. "Thanks for subscribing. You're welcome to look around, but please don't handle the merchandise." - Spin

206. "Thank you for subscribing. This has earned you 10 pity points." - @dr_lindyke

207. "Thanks for subscribing. You're now at "Subscriber Level"! Convince five more to subscribe to unlock your next Achievement Level!" - @RockingJamboree

208. "Thank you for subscribing. Please drive thru." - @spencersokol

209. "Thank you for subscribing. I have signed you up for the car pool, please pick me up at 10." - @Calliopeva

210. "Thank you for subscribing. Please send me a photo of your mom. I rather like older women..." - @Calliopeva

211. "Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately I see you also subscribe to Shane Dawson. I've been fueding with Shane for the past 7 months, and I no longer allow his followers to subscribe to me. So it looks like you have a decision to make. It's him or me...I await your decision.

PS: No matter what he tells you about me, I did NOT mean to run over his cat." - Spin

212. "Thank you for subscribing. You will need to get a bow tie right away, we have a very stringent dress code here." - @Calliopeva

213. "Thank you for subscribing. I am happy to now be your overlord. Did I say overlord? I meant 'protector' of course." - @Calliopeva

214. "Thank you for...MESSAGE REDACTED" - @Calliopeva & edited by Spin

215. "Thank you for subscribing. The first 10,000 viewers to my next U-Stream show get a free bobblehead of ME." - Spin

216. "Thanks for subscribing. Please don't hang over the fences & don't feed the trolls." - Spin

217. "Thanks for subscribing. To reach Gold Level Membership to my channel you must go to Kina Grannis's channel & request that she cover "Today's The Day" by Inverse T. Clown." - Spin

218. "OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SUBBED ME! Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

219. "Thank you for subscribing. Wanna join me for a nap?" - @dr_lindyke

220. "Thanks for subscribing, but no matter how many PM's you send me I will not wear a thong & dance to "Bust A Move" in my next video. Please stop asking." - Spin

Monday, June 20, 2011


181. "Thank you for subscribing. Any chance you speak Latin or Sandskrit? (You'd really be helping me out if you did...)" - Edric Haleen

182. "Thank you for subscribing. As far as subscribers go, you seem a little taller than most..." - Edric Haleen

183. "Thank you for subscribing. I appreciate you showing your support, what's that on your profile picture? You might wanna have that looked at..." - Edric Haleen

184. "Thank you for subscribing. The peasants are rejoicing at your arrival!" - Edric Haleen

185. "I was reading your profile, and hate is such a strong word (he hates the government). You should only use it when talking about things that are really evil. For instance you could use it when referring to Michigan...or maybe Fred." - Spin

186. "So...I can't seem to find my channel mentioned in your box... I will assume you just forgot to add it...thanks for subscribing." - Spin

187. "Thank you for subscribing. Now the government will have ANOTHER red herring to follow when they come looking for me!" - Edric Haleen

188. "Thank you for subscribing. That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee... but not at Starbucks." - @dr_lindyke

189. "Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately, we're out of tote bags at the moment. Sorry." - Edric Haleen

190. "Thank you for subscribing. Your subscription comes with your choice of bath towels or key chain. Please indicate your preference." - @dr_lindyke

191. "Thank you for subscribing. I will rearrange my travel schedule so that I can stop by your place and collect your oath of fealty. (This will probably occur sometime middle of next week. I'll let you know when my travel plans are firmer...)" - Edric Haleen

192. "OMG! Is that really you, Susan? I can't believe we haven't talked since high school! How did you happen to find me on the Internet? (Are you still dating Chris?) Thanks for subscribing btw." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Ehm, I think you have the wrong person, I'm just a random fan that subbed to you from zack's videos.

PS: I'm not a female...

PPS: I'm not dating Chris.

- My Response: Still pretending to be better than everyone else I see. You've been that way ever since you were elected homecoming queen. I was really hoping you would have grown out of that, but I guess it takes some people longer to grow up than others. (Chris was cheating on you btw)

193. "Thank you for subscribing - but we don't really care." - @ethanjivey

194. "Thank you for you can leave." - @ethanjivey

195. "Thank you for subscribing. Gee You're swell!" - @Calliopeva

196. "Thank you for subscribing. I hope you're drunk enough to handle it." - @ethanjivey

197. "Thanks for subscribing. Your subscription has just extended my lifespan a tiny bit. Each one gives me 1/10 of a second. In retrospect, I probably should make better use of that time than writing these thank you comments." - @NinjaMarion

198. "Thank you for subscribing. I can see from your profile pic that you've grown quite a bit since that photo on your mom's nightstand was taken." - @psychobman

199. "I was going to subscribe to you, but then I saw that you subscribed to ME. I really hate people who sub for a sub, and I don't want to be a I won't be subscribing now. Anyways, thanks for the sub." - Spin

200. "I do the trollin' around here buck-o! If you want to subscribe to me then you're going to have to change your username (JUSTTR0LLIN). Thanks for the sub, but I'll be checking back later to see if you've changed your name." - @ethanjivey major edits by Spin

Saturday, June 18, 2011


161. "Thank you for subscribing. We're glad you're here -- we only ask that you keep the noise down after 9:00 in the evening. (We have a lot of small children and senior citizens here, and they get cranky if it's too loud...)" - Edric Haleen

162. "Thank you for subscribing. Paper or plastic?" - @Calliopeva

163. "Congratulations! You've successfully subscribed to my channel! (I bet you're proud of yourself, aren't you?)" - Edric Haleen

164. "Thank you for subscribing. Honestly -- did you ever think the two of us would live to see this day?" - Edric Haleen

165. "Thanks for subscribing! Although -- to be perfectly honest -- while I'm thrilled to able to add you to my legions of followers, you should know that there's a limit to my appreciation. (Case in point? I farmed out the writing of this "thank you post" to a guy I know in Michigan...)" - Edric Haleen

166. "Thank you for subscribing. You want fries with that?" - Edric Haleen

167. "Thank you for subscribing. Based on your Personality Profile and your list of Traits of Attraction, we think that you'd be a good match for "killerduck541." Please click the "Match Me!" button to pursue this possibility further..." - Edric Haleen

168. "Thank you for subscribing. Please look for a welcoming announcement in your local paper later this week." - Edric Haleen

169. "Thank you for subscribing, but the candy's in my van." - @SammyKablam

- YouTube Response: "Where's your van, Candyman?"

- My Response: "Currently it's in the police impound lot."

- YouTube Response: "Now that is unfortunate."

170. "Thank you for subscribing, but I had something a little more personal in mind." - @dr_lindyke

171. "Thank you for subscribing. I like cheese. Yes that was a random sentence. It also was true." - @BoffoYuxDudes

172. "Thank you for subscribing. Just a few million more subs and I'll finally be able to launch my Master Plan! (You don't happen to have any OTHER friends who might be interested in subscribing, do you?)" - Edric Haleen

173. "Thank you for subscribing. (This is my "jump the shark" moment, isn't it?)" - Edric Haleen

174. "Thank you for subscribing. With a celebrity endorsement like yours, there's no telling HOW far I can go now!" - Edric Haleen

175. "Thank you for subscribing. The world just seems a little happier now that I know that you've indentured yourself to me..." - Edric Haleen

176. "Thank you for subscribing. Now -- do you want to quit now and KEEP your subscription, or would you like to try for what's behind curtain number three?" - Edric Haleen

177. "Thank you for finally subscribing. We've been expecting you for a while now..." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Dear Spin,
You posted a comment on my profile saying: Thank you for finally subscribing. We've been expecting you for a while now...

Me specifically? Or are you just saying that? I am not very popular at all, so that is why I am asking... (Or am I just recognized by Zack because I post a lot of comments and send a lot of messages to him!)

Either way, you are really cool, and I am glad I found you on Zack's Minecraft videos.

178. "Thank you for subscribing. Turning yourself in voluntarily saves our department a great deal of time, money, and resources. You did the right thing." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Haha , Thanks mate ,
Your video's are verry cool !
Make alot more !
May place a comment at my video ?

(Place a comment on his channel, and now he expects comments on his videos? You just can't please some people.)

179. "Thank you for finally getting around to subscribing. (Was that REALLY that hard?!?)" - Edric Haleen

180. "Thank you for subscribing. It's been three days since someone subscribed, and it's been a bit depressing just hitting the refresh button again and again and again with nothing to show for it..." - Edric Haleen

BONUS TWITTER RESPONSE: "if i unsubscribe...and then i sub back...will you write another funny coment on my channel? because i loled with the first one"

Saturday, June 11, 2011


141. "Thank you for subscribing. You may have just won a free iPad!" - Edric Haleen

142. "Thank you for subscribing. Now what? You just gonna sit there and take up space? Or are you going to entertain me already?" - Edric Haleen

143. "Thank you for subscribing. Please tune your radio to AM 1240 for further instructions..." - Edric Haleen

144. "Thank you for subscribing. But if you're from Michigan you can just unsubscribe yourself right now. :p" - Edric Haleen (edited by Spin)
- YouTube Response: I was looking through my channel comments the other day and I saw that you commented on my channel. What do you mean by "If you're from Michigan, you can just unsubscribe yourself right now"? What's wrong with being from Michigan? :D

145. "Thank you for subscribing. Should a rash develop, see a doctor and burn all of your bedding and underwear." - @Calliopeva

146. "Thank you for subscribing. Remember, your frequent subscriber miles can earn you valuable discounts." - @dr_lindyke

147. "Thank you for subscribing. But for the safety of everyone here, please don't leave comments on my channel until the results of your STD test are back. (And negative.)" - Edric Haleen

148. "Thank you for subscribing. It's people like you who will someday change the world. Or at least fill it with server farms." - Edric Haleen

149. "Tell the douche who commented last week to leave the funny comments to me. BTW Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (this is odd since I have others creating most of my comments now)
In Response To: "Can I borrow a sock?" - Some random YouTubers channel comment

150. "Thanks for subscribing. Not many people would do that for me. Now I'm your pal for life. Do you have a spare bedroom?" - @BoffoYuxDudes

151. "Thank you for subscribing. Due to an evil curse that was placed upon my channel, you must get 5 more subscribers for me in the next 7 days of something horrific will happen to you." - @Calliopeva (edited by Spin)

152. "Thank you for subscribing. Now you have to dance on one foot and shout 'I'm a Pretty Bird' to all who pass by, then post it on YT. I'll wait." - @BoffoYuxDudes

153. "Thank you for subscribing. Remember, you must present your card at the desk to check out a video." - @dr_lindyke

154. "Thank you for subscribing. (If you were more important you me, I'd think of something witty to say here. But you're not, really, so suffice it to say -- thanks. Just . . . thanks.)" - Edric Haleen

155. "Thank you for subscribing. You're just in time for our bi-yearly Internet streaming of Theodore Rex, starring Whoopi Goldberg. Best. Movie. EVER!!! (Tune in tonight at 9:37 EDT...)" - Edric Haleen

156. "Thank you for subscribing. You can't know just how much I was looking forward to having to leave another thank you note in someone's channel comments..." - Edric Haleen

157. "Thank you for subscribing. (You seem a lot nicer than the LAST person who subscribed!)" - Edric Haleen

158. "Thank you for subscribing! You've been automatically placed into a drawing for a Jelly of The Month Club exclusive 2.5 year membership! Check the @Spintown twitter feed every 14 minutes, to see if you've won!" - Edric's Girlfriend (edited by Spin)

159. "Thank you for subscribing. You're responsible for buying the first round of drinks." - Edric Haleen

160. "Thank you for subscribing. You've seen my videos, but have you seen my car keys? #lost" - @dr_lindyke

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


121. "Thank you for subscribing. Do you care what the theme is for your ticker-tape parade? (You're free this Sunday, right?)" - Edric Haleen

122. "Thank you for subscribing. We're just in the process of redoing the daycare co-op schedule -- do you want Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons?" - Edric Haleen

123. "Thank you for subscribing. You've now been added to 100 select mailing lists at no additional fee." - @dr_lindyke

124. "Thanks for subscribing. However, if you unsubscribe, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." - @brennemania

125. "Of all the people who have subscribed to me, you are one of them." - @BoffoYuxDudes

126. "Thank you for subscribing. No refunds." - Spin

127. "Joined last week? I fear you're just a spammer, but thanks for the sub." - Spin
- YouTube Response: "I'm not a spammer!"
- Spin's Response: "The only way to prove you're not a spammer is to grant me 3 wishes.
1. I wish for good looks.
2. I wish the Cincinnati Bengals didn't suck.
3. I wish for a new car.
WOAH! Wait a only granted the first wish? I said you had to grant all 3 to prove yourself. I knew you were a spammer."

128. "Thank you for subscribing. I bet you have the best smelling breath of all my subscribers." - Spin

129. "Thank you for subscribing. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT BEHIND YOU?!" - @travisnorris

130. "Thank you for subscribing. You will receive your membership packet within 4-6 business days. Please make sure you fill out everything completely and accurately. We must receive this information from you before you can begin receiving subscriber benefits." - Edric Haleen

131. "THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!! Keep that extra exclamation mark...I've got plenty." - Spin

132. "Thank you for subscribing. However, I am sad to inform you that you missed the cutoff for our special promotional offer. Had you subscribed just fifteen minutes sooner, you could have also received -- at no additional cost to you -- a retractable plant hanger and a gallon of OxyClean. (Please rest assured, though, that I will keep you informed of any future offers and incentives . . .)" - Edric Haleen

133. "Thank you for subscribing, but I have to point out that you neglected to sign the waiver. We must have this documentation on file if you're going to continue your subscription..." - Edric Haleen

134. "Thank you for subscribing. Dammit, the dog is trying to usurp our economy again. Bacon is not legal tender. GO LIE DOWN!" - @BoffoYuxDudes

135. "Thank you for subscribing. Your check's in the mail." - @dr_lindyke

136. "Thank you for subscribing. You're the first person to subscribe since the quarantine was lifted! (We're all REALLY GLAD to see someone new -- we've been cloistered here for quite some time now . . .)" - Edric Haleen

137. "Thank you for subscribing. The FBI appreciates the fact that you voluntarily provide links between yourself and others on the Internet -- it makes their job MUCH easier when they're surveilling "persons-of-interest"..." - Edric Haleen

138. "Thank you for subscribing. Look around my channel all you want, but be careful & don't touch anything. You break it, you bought it." - Spin

139. "Thank you for subscribing. I haven't been this excited since -- oh, I don't know -- the last time I blinked? The last time I took a breath? No -- I got it. I haven't been this excited since the last time my eyes focused on whatever object I was looking at at the time. That's how exciting this is. (And you should feel special.)" - Edric Haleen

140. "Thank you for subscribing. All subscribers over 6 foot tall have to sit in the back." - @Calliopeva

Sometimes I'll get a response, and I don't remember what message it's from...

"Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahah dude your the one that inspired me 2 play minecraft I made my player and all that but seriously you need to be on zackscott more!"

"omg! thanks for thanking me for subscribing to you! i cant believe someone like yourself, who plays on zacks server actually commented on my channel! T^T thank you SOO much! your one of my favorites on zacks server! thank you Mr. Spintown Sir! i am in you deabt! T^T you made me so happy! thank you!!"