Saturday, June 18, 2011


161. "Thank you for subscribing. We're glad you're here -- we only ask that you keep the noise down after 9:00 in the evening. (We have a lot of small children and senior citizens here, and they get cranky if it's too loud...)" - Edric Haleen

162. "Thank you for subscribing. Paper or plastic?" - @Calliopeva

163. "Congratulations! You've successfully subscribed to my channel! (I bet you're proud of yourself, aren't you?)" - Edric Haleen

164. "Thank you for subscribing. Honestly -- did you ever think the two of us would live to see this day?" - Edric Haleen

165. "Thanks for subscribing! Although -- to be perfectly honest -- while I'm thrilled to able to add you to my legions of followers, you should know that there's a limit to my appreciation. (Case in point? I farmed out the writing of this "thank you post" to a guy I know in Michigan...)" - Edric Haleen

166. "Thank you for subscribing. You want fries with that?" - Edric Haleen

167. "Thank you for subscribing. Based on your Personality Profile and your list of Traits of Attraction, we think that you'd be a good match for "killerduck541." Please click the "Match Me!" button to pursue this possibility further..." - Edric Haleen

168. "Thank you for subscribing. Please look for a welcoming announcement in your local paper later this week." - Edric Haleen

169. "Thank you for subscribing, but the candy's in my van." - @SammyKablam

- YouTube Response: "Where's your van, Candyman?"

- My Response: "Currently it's in the police impound lot."

- YouTube Response: "Now that is unfortunate."

170. "Thank you for subscribing, but I had something a little more personal in mind." - @dr_lindyke

171. "Thank you for subscribing. I like cheese. Yes that was a random sentence. It also was true." - @BoffoYuxDudes

172. "Thank you for subscribing. Just a few million more subs and I'll finally be able to launch my Master Plan! (You don't happen to have any OTHER friends who might be interested in subscribing, do you?)" - Edric Haleen

173. "Thank you for subscribing. (This is my "jump the shark" moment, isn't it?)" - Edric Haleen

174. "Thank you for subscribing. With a celebrity endorsement like yours, there's no telling HOW far I can go now!" - Edric Haleen

175. "Thank you for subscribing. The world just seems a little happier now that I know that you've indentured yourself to me..." - Edric Haleen

176. "Thank you for subscribing. Now -- do you want to quit now and KEEP your subscription, or would you like to try for what's behind curtain number three?" - Edric Haleen

177. "Thank you for finally subscribing. We've been expecting you for a while now..." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Dear Spin,
You posted a comment on my profile saying: Thank you for finally subscribing. We've been expecting you for a while now...

Me specifically? Or are you just saying that? I am not very popular at all, so that is why I am asking... (Or am I just recognized by Zack because I post a lot of comments and send a lot of messages to him!)

Either way, you are really cool, and I am glad I found you on Zack's Minecraft videos.

178. "Thank you for subscribing. Turning yourself in voluntarily saves our department a great deal of time, money, and resources. You did the right thing." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Haha , Thanks mate ,
Your video's are verry cool !
Make alot more !
May place a comment at my video ?

(Place a comment on his channel, and now he expects comments on his videos? You just can't please some people.)

179. "Thank you for finally getting around to subscribing. (Was that REALLY that hard?!?)" - Edric Haleen

180. "Thank you for subscribing. It's been three days since someone subscribed, and it's been a bit depressing just hitting the refresh button again and again and again with nothing to show for it..." - Edric Haleen

BONUS TWITTER RESPONSE: "if i unsubscribe...and then i sub back...will you write another funny coment on my channel? because i loled with the first one"


  1. Thank you for subscribing. I can see from your profile pic that you've grown quite a bit since that photo on your mom's nightstand was taken.

  2. Bryce...that's like Sammy mean. Nice one.