Sunday, June 26, 2011


201. "Thank you for subscribing. Glad you finally made it...noob." - @ethanjivey

202. "Thank you for subscribing, I just favorited your subscription." - @dr_lindyke

203. "Thank you for subscribing. Now cough." - @SammyKablam

204. "Put some gloves on before hitting that subscribe button next time. You hands are fucking cold." - Spin (his name was "MrFreezingfingers")

205. "Thanks for subscribing. You're welcome to look around, but please don't handle the merchandise." - Spin

206. "Thank you for subscribing. This has earned you 10 pity points." - @dr_lindyke

207. "Thanks for subscribing. You're now at "Subscriber Level"! Convince five more to subscribe to unlock your next Achievement Level!" - @RockingJamboree

208. "Thank you for subscribing. Please drive thru." - @spencersokol

209. "Thank you for subscribing. I have signed you up for the car pool, please pick me up at 10." - @Calliopeva

210. "Thank you for subscribing. Please send me a photo of your mom. I rather like older women..." - @Calliopeva

211. "Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately I see you also subscribe to Shane Dawson. I've been fueding with Shane for the past 7 months, and I no longer allow his followers to subscribe to me. So it looks like you have a decision to make. It's him or me...I await your decision.

PS: No matter what he tells you about me, I did NOT mean to run over his cat." - Spin

212. "Thank you for subscribing. You will need to get a bow tie right away, we have a very stringent dress code here." - @Calliopeva

213. "Thank you for subscribing. I am happy to now be your overlord. Did I say overlord? I meant 'protector' of course." - @Calliopeva

214. "Thank you for...MESSAGE REDACTED" - @Calliopeva & edited by Spin

215. "Thank you for subscribing. The first 10,000 viewers to my next U-Stream show get a free bobblehead of ME." - Spin

216. "Thanks for subscribing. Please don't hang over the fences & don't feed the trolls." - Spin

217. "Thanks for subscribing. To reach Gold Level Membership to my channel you must go to Kina Grannis's channel & request that she cover "Today's The Day" by Inverse T. Clown." - Spin

218. "OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SUBBED ME! Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

219. "Thank you for subscribing. Wanna join me for a nap?" - @dr_lindyke

220. "Thanks for subscribing, but no matter how many PM's you send me I will not wear a thong & dance to "Bust A Move" in my next video. Please stop asking." - Spin

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