Wednesday, June 1, 2011


121. "Thank you for subscribing. Do you care what the theme is for your ticker-tape parade? (You're free this Sunday, right?)" - Edric Haleen

122. "Thank you for subscribing. We're just in the process of redoing the daycare co-op schedule -- do you want Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons?" - Edric Haleen

123. "Thank you for subscribing. You've now been added to 100 select mailing lists at no additional fee." - @dr_lindyke

124. "Thanks for subscribing. However, if you unsubscribe, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." - @brennemania

125. "Of all the people who have subscribed to me, you are one of them." - @BoffoYuxDudes

126. "Thank you for subscribing. No refunds." - Spin

127. "Joined last week? I fear you're just a spammer, but thanks for the sub." - Spin
- YouTube Response: "I'm not a spammer!"
- Spin's Response: "The only way to prove you're not a spammer is to grant me 3 wishes.
1. I wish for good looks.
2. I wish the Cincinnati Bengals didn't suck.
3. I wish for a new car.
WOAH! Wait a only granted the first wish? I said you had to grant all 3 to prove yourself. I knew you were a spammer."

128. "Thank you for subscribing. I bet you have the best smelling breath of all my subscribers." - Spin

129. "Thank you for subscribing. HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT BEHIND YOU?!" - @travisnorris

130. "Thank you for subscribing. You will receive your membership packet within 4-6 business days. Please make sure you fill out everything completely and accurately. We must receive this information from you before you can begin receiving subscriber benefits." - Edric Haleen

131. "THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!! Keep that extra exclamation mark...I've got plenty." - Spin

132. "Thank you for subscribing. However, I am sad to inform you that you missed the cutoff for our special promotional offer. Had you subscribed just fifteen minutes sooner, you could have also received -- at no additional cost to you -- a retractable plant hanger and a gallon of OxyClean. (Please rest assured, though, that I will keep you informed of any future offers and incentives . . .)" - Edric Haleen

133. "Thank you for subscribing, but I have to point out that you neglected to sign the waiver. We must have this documentation on file if you're going to continue your subscription..." - Edric Haleen

134. "Thank you for subscribing. Dammit, the dog is trying to usurp our economy again. Bacon is not legal tender. GO LIE DOWN!" - @BoffoYuxDudes

135. "Thank you for subscribing. Your check's in the mail." - @dr_lindyke

136. "Thank you for subscribing. You're the first person to subscribe since the quarantine was lifted! (We're all REALLY GLAD to see someone new -- we've been cloistered here for quite some time now . . .)" - Edric Haleen

137. "Thank you for subscribing. The FBI appreciates the fact that you voluntarily provide links between yourself and others on the Internet -- it makes their job MUCH easier when they're surveilling "persons-of-interest"..." - Edric Haleen

138. "Thank you for subscribing. Look around my channel all you want, but be careful & don't touch anything. You break it, you bought it." - Spin

139. "Thank you for subscribing. I haven't been this excited since -- oh, I don't know -- the last time I blinked? The last time I took a breath? No -- I got it. I haven't been this excited since the last time my eyes focused on whatever object I was looking at at the time. That's how exciting this is. (And you should feel special.)" - Edric Haleen

140. "Thank you for subscribing. All subscribers over 6 foot tall have to sit in the back." - @Calliopeva

Sometimes I'll get a response, and I don't remember what message it's from...

"Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahah dude your the one that inspired me 2 play minecraft I made my player and all that but seriously you need to be on zackscott more!"

"omg! thanks for thanking me for subscribing to you! i cant believe someone like yourself, who plays on zacks server actually commented on my channel! T^T thank you SOO much! your one of my favorites on zacks server! thank you Mr. Spintown Sir! i am in you deabt! T^T you made me so happy! thank you!!"

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