Monday, June 20, 2011


181. "Thank you for subscribing. Any chance you speak Latin or Sandskrit? (You'd really be helping me out if you did...)" - Edric Haleen

182. "Thank you for subscribing. As far as subscribers go, you seem a little taller than most..." - Edric Haleen

183. "Thank you for subscribing. I appreciate you showing your support, what's that on your profile picture? You might wanna have that looked at..." - Edric Haleen

184. "Thank you for subscribing. The peasants are rejoicing at your arrival!" - Edric Haleen

185. "I was reading your profile, and hate is such a strong word (he hates the government). You should only use it when talking about things that are really evil. For instance you could use it when referring to Michigan...or maybe Fred." - Spin

186. "So...I can't seem to find my channel mentioned in your box... I will assume you just forgot to add it...thanks for subscribing." - Spin

187. "Thank you for subscribing. Now the government will have ANOTHER red herring to follow when they come looking for me!" - Edric Haleen

188. "Thank you for subscribing. That and a buck will get you a cup of coffee... but not at Starbucks." - @dr_lindyke

189. "Thank you for subscribing. Unfortunately, we're out of tote bags at the moment. Sorry." - Edric Haleen

190. "Thank you for subscribing. Your subscription comes with your choice of bath towels or key chain. Please indicate your preference." - @dr_lindyke

191. "Thank you for subscribing. I will rearrange my travel schedule so that I can stop by your place and collect your oath of fealty. (This will probably occur sometime middle of next week. I'll let you know when my travel plans are firmer...)" - Edric Haleen

192. "OMG! Is that really you, Susan? I can't believe we haven't talked since high school! How did you happen to find me on the Internet? (Are you still dating Chris?) Thanks for subscribing btw." - Edric Haleen

- YouTube Response: Ehm, I think you have the wrong person, I'm just a random fan that subbed to you from zack's videos.

PS: I'm not a female...

PPS: I'm not dating Chris.

- My Response: Still pretending to be better than everyone else I see. You've been that way ever since you were elected homecoming queen. I was really hoping you would have grown out of that, but I guess it takes some people longer to grow up than others. (Chris was cheating on you btw)

193. "Thank you for subscribing - but we don't really care." - @ethanjivey

194. "Thank you for you can leave." - @ethanjivey

195. "Thank you for subscribing. Gee You're swell!" - @Calliopeva

196. "Thank you for subscribing. I hope you're drunk enough to handle it." - @ethanjivey

197. "Thanks for subscribing. Your subscription has just extended my lifespan a tiny bit. Each one gives me 1/10 of a second. In retrospect, I probably should make better use of that time than writing these thank you comments." - @NinjaMarion

198. "Thank you for subscribing. I can see from your profile pic that you've grown quite a bit since that photo on your mom's nightstand was taken." - @psychobman

199. "I was going to subscribe to you, but then I saw that you subscribed to ME. I really hate people who sub for a sub, and I don't want to be a I won't be subscribing now. Anyways, thanks for the sub." - Spin

200. "I do the trollin' around here buck-o! If you want to subscribe to me then you're going to have to change your username (JUSTTR0LLIN). Thanks for the sub, but I'll be checking back later to see if you've changed your name." - @ethanjivey major edits by Spin

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