Monday, November 14, 2011


241. "Thanks for subscribing. If you like dubstep, you will LOVE Inverse T. Clown." - Spin

242. "Thanks for subscribing. I will name this cat carcass in your honor." - Spin

243. "Move along...nothing to see here...thanks for subbing though." - Spin

244. "Thanks for subscribing...did you feel the earth move?" - Spin

245. "FRIST!

Could you delete all the comments before mine? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

246. "Thanks for the sub, I knew all the bad things I heard about you weren't true."
- Spin

247. "Thanks for the sub, now go watch every video on my channel & write a 5 page summary. It's due on Dec. 11th." - Spin

248. "Unfortunately, in order to continue thanking new subscribers, I have to use the investments of current subscribers. Please submit 10 unique "thank you for subscribing messages" within five business days.

PS: I don't want this system to crash like it did on Bernie." - Edric Haleen

249. "Thank you for subscribing. I promise it won't hurt...much." - @ethanjivey

250. "Thanks for subscribing. You have touched me deeply." - @dr_lindyke

251. "Thanks for subscribing. My channel is located in the US, and I'm going to need to see your greencard before you watch any of my videos." - Spin

252. "I got an e-mail saying you hit the big yellow button on my channel. Don't you touch that button again or there will be hell to pay." - Spin

253. "Thanks for the sub. I normally like to say something funny now...but I got nothing." - Spin

254. "Let me apologize in advance for anything you might see on my channel. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

255. "Your videos are the greatest, thanks for subscribing." - Spin (user had 0 uploads)

256. "Thanks for subscribing. If you can find the hidden picture of Zack Scott in "Internet People 2" you win a spot on his server!" - Spin

257. "Thanks for the sub, you sir are the reason I make videos. JUST FOR YOU, so don't go sharing them with your friends." - Spin

258. "Thanks you for subscribing. I've got a headache, so please keep the noise down while you're on my channel." - Spin

259. "If you subscribe to @jonathuggg & he leaves a comment here...let me know right away. I know he's planning something be careful. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

260. "Thanks for subscribing, and for the last time the answer is NO." - Spin (to the best of my knowledge he's never asked me anything)

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