Friday, November 18, 2011


281. "Thanks for subscribing, next time we raid your house I'll feel just a little bit guilty." - Spin (@JustinDP's channel)

282. "Thanks for making me write this stupid thank you." - Spin

283. "I'm on top of @crazykickasskat...this is so hot. Thanks for advert your eyes so we can get it on." - Spin (Kate commented before I did)

284. "Thanks for subscribing, and while I’m here I might as well thank you for unsubscribing." - Spin

285. "I couldn't decide whether to thank people for subscribing tonight, or to trim my toenails. Thanks for subscribing, and congrats for being more important than my toenails." - Spin

286. "THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING JHFREIMARK!!!!!! (Notice how I used all CAPS & more exclaimation marks than's because I care more.)" - Spin

287. "Thanks for subscribing. (Did that sound sincere? It's really hard to fake sincerity, but I'm trying really hard.)" - Spin

288. "Thanks for subscribing. Would you mind writing a letter to my family telling them I'm finally a success?" - Spin

289. "Thanks for the sub. You are the wind beneath my wings." - Spin

290. "Thanks for subscribing. You're as good a gamer as @ijustine!" - Spin

291. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm watching a commercial & can't decide if I should buy the SoniCrafter by Rockwell. What do you think?" - Spin

292. "I want to thank you for subscribing in the form of a chain letter. You must now go thank 10 of your own subscribers...even if you've already thanked them all. If you don't follow through with this a great darkness will fall upon you & your family." - Spin

293. "Thanks for subscribing. I now forgive you for WW2. All is good." - Spin (he was from Germany)

294. "Thanks for subscribing. Don't forget to use the secret knock before entering my channel." - Spin

295. "Thanks for the sub, but that video wasn't the funniest ever. False advertising isn't cool man." - Spin (had a video called “Funniest Video Ever”)

296. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you know how to unscramble the porn channels in motel rooms?" - Spin

297. "Most people usually send me a message after subscribing. Usually along the lines of, "Thank you for letting me subscribe to this awesome channel." I will overlook this mistake...but I don't really appreciate you being so ungrateful. Thanks for subscribing I guess." - Spin

298. "Thanks for subscribing. Subbing is like getting to first base...don't try to steal second...I'm not that kind of guy." - Spin

299. “Per our collective bargaining agreement, I am obligated to thank you for subscribing. We'll revisit this issue at negotiations.” - @brennemania

300. "Thanks for subscribing. Oh look, I get to be on top of @crazykickasskat! She normally likes the bottom." - Spin (Kate commented before I did)

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