Tuesday, November 15, 2011


261. "Thanks for subscribing. @jonathuggg may have said it first, but I really mean it." - Spin

262. "If I kill MEEKAKITTY can I have her spot in the "Awesome People" box? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin (MEEKAKITTY was in his promoted channels box)

263. "Thanks for the sub. I'd sub you back but you currently have 7 subscribers. That is my lucky number & I don't want to change it." - Spin

264. "Thank you for subscribing. I love you." - @dr_lindyke

265. "I'll let you subscribe, but only cause I feel sorry for you. After all...you don't know what real bacon is. Thanks for the sub." - Spin (he was from Canada)

266. "Thanks for the sub, your profile pic looks very familiar to me." - Spin (the picture was blank)

267. In Response To: "you were my 3,000th subscriber! :D :D :D THANK YOU!" - @macaroon1

"You were not my 3,000th subscriber...you must now go get about 1,000 of your friends to subscribe. Thanks for the sub though." - Spin

268. "After much time & consideration I have decided to approve your subscription. Congrats, and thanks." - Spin

269. "Congrats on subscribing to my channel. I hope you can handle the responsibility." - Spin

270. "Thanks for subscribing. I hope you washed your hands before clicking my subscribe button though." - Spin

271. "@jonathuggg wanted me to take his thank you back. He prematurely thanked you & his heart wasn't in it. I however...honestly thank you for subscribing." - Spin

272. "I know you're just trying to pressure me into making videos...but thanks for subscribing." - Spin

273. "Thanks for the sub, but you will need to sign a waiver stating that I will not be held responsible for any injury you may incur while on my channel." - Spin

274. In Response To: "Thanks for subscribing!! You are officially a Thuggg Nugget!!" - @jonathuggg

"Are you going to let @jonathuggg call you names like that? Anyways, thanks for subscribing." - Spin

275. "I knew that if you trained long & hard enough you would be able to do it. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

276. "Thank you for subscribing, but the Princess is in another castle." - Spin (user was a Nintendo fan)

277. "Thanks for subscribing. Was it all the nude girls in my videos or my charming personality that got you to sub?" - Spin

278. "Thanks for subscribing, but would you still care if my last name wasn't Scott?" - Spin

279. "Thanks for subscribing. Your subscription will be considered probationary for the first year. If I don't have any trouble from you during that time, I will remove your probationary status." - Spin

280. "Thanks for the sub. *insert funny comment*" - Spin

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