Thursday, May 26, 2011


101. "Great -- ANOTHER damn subscriber. Well -- thanks, I guess -- and welcome. Just don't leave a mess when you visit, okay?" - Edric Haleen

102. "Thanks so much for subscribing. Really. It's not like I had anything better to do than to shuffle everything around to make room for you..." - Edric Haleen

103. "Thank you for subscribing. Your family will be returned to you safe and unharmed." - @brennemania

104. "Thank you for subscribing. I'll make you a deal. If you translate your entire YouTube channel into Russian, I'll sub you, too!!!" - Edric Haleen

105. "Thank you for subscribing. I have now reached my subscriber goal for this channel, and I am shutting it down." - @dr_lindyke

106. "Thank you for subscribing. I guess this means I have to return your patio furniture now." - @Graham_EmpGum

107. "Thank you for subscribing. I now have one more person in my clique than I had before. I also got to use a SAT word in a sentence!" - @BoffoYuxDudes

108. "Thank you for subscribing. Please know that the mini-bar's not free, but go ahead and help yourself to whatever you'd like..." - Edric Haleen

109. "Thank you for subscribing. Ever since I was a little boy, I've dreamed of this day." - Edric Haleen

110. "Thank you for subscribing. !yad sdrawkcab ot emoclew dnA" - @dr_lindyke

111. "Thank you for subscribing. Your credit card will be billed in three easy installments of $55.95." - @NinjaMarion

112. "Thanks for subscribing. Please remove your shoes before entering my channel." - @hamisgood

113. "Thank you for subscribing. The next show starts in 10 minutes." - @dr_lindyke

114. "Thank you for subscribing. (Nobody else wanted me to let you join, but they're not the boss of me . . .)" - Edric Haleen

115. "Thank you for subscribing. You don't happen to have any kids who need a gym teacher, do you?" - Edric Haleen

116. "Thank you for subscribing. This is the highlight of your day. (Just thought you should know . . .)" - Edric Haleen

117. "Thanks for subscribing, and welcome to the family...son. Now, go clean your room." - @dr_lindyke

118. "Thank you for subscribing. If you take the time to leave a comment for each of my posted videos, you'll achieve Platinum Membership Status! (But hurry -- this offer expires in 72 hours . . .)" - Edric Haleen

119. "Thank you for subscribing. You're performing a valuable public service. Your country thanks you." - Edric Haleen

120. "Thank you for subscribing. This was the first of several post-hypnotic suggestions implanted in my videos. The rest are a surprise." - @dr_lindyke

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