Wednesday, May 18, 2011


21. "Thanks for subscribing. Just so you know, everytime someone unsubscribes I kick a puppy." - Spin

22. "Everytime someone subscribes, I write their name on the prison wall. I'll put you somewhere special!" - @Graham_EmpGum

23. "Thanks for subscribing! Sometimes I think we should run off together and start a family." - @Graham_EmpGum

24. "Thanks for the sub, you have just won subscriber of the month! I'll hang your picture over my computer all month." - Spin

25. "I broke all 10 fingers yesterday, but your subscribing to my channel meant so much to me that I still had to type a thank you message." - Spin

26. "Thanks for subscribing. This is even more exciting than that free trial of Viagra someone e-mailed me about." - Spin

27. "Why is everything on this page typed in gibberish? Oh, and thanks for subscribing." - Spin (it was Portugese)

28. "I have to go call everyone I know to let them know how happy I am that you subbed. Thanks." - Spin

29. "Thank you for subscribing! Now I need to ask you something. Do you know Kevin Bacon? (I'm trying to lower my Bacon number...)" - Edric Haleen

30. "Thank you for subscribing. A credit in the amount of $0.13 will appear on your credit card within 30 business days." - Edric Haleen

31. "I am so happy you subscribed to my channel! Mom always TOLD me that someday I'd have a friend!" - Edric Haleen

32. "Thanks for subbing, but I would feel even more special if I was the ONLY person you subscribed to. I'll check back next week to see if you unsubbed the 496 other people not as important as me." - Spin

33. "Thanks for subscribing! Does this mean I'm winning?" - Edric Haleen

34. "Thank you for subscribing. Remember not to leave without getting your hand stamped, or you will not be let back in." - Edric Haleen

35. Thanks for the sub! Now you're a part of the Spintown army! Conscripted, of course. (That means we don't have to pay you) - @BoffoYuxDudes

36. "Thanks for the sub! Actually you should thank me for allowing you to join. Beware, I'm a little humble around the edges." - @BoffoYuxDudes

37. "Thank you for subscribing. Now try subscribing to me on CHALLENGE MODE!" - @brennemania

38. "Thanks for the sub. Want to watch me put the periscope up? Pervert." - @BoffoYuxDudes

39. "Thank you for subscribing. To show you my appreciation, I will grant you three wishes. (But no wishing for more wishes. And no wishing for anything bad to happen to someone else -- that's not nice. And I can't make someone fall in love with you. And I'm kind of tapped out at the moment, so don't wish for anything too expensive. And nothing too heavy, 'cause shipping charges are RIDICULOUS right now, what with the price of gas and all. Oh -- and nothing alive... Y'know what? Screw it. No wishes -- just my thanks. Thank you. You rock. Again -- no wishes. Just so we're clear. Just thanks.)" - Edric Haleen

40. "Thank you for subscribing. A contribution to the Detroit Relief Fund has been made in your name." - Edric Haleen (edited by Spin)

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