Thursday, May 19, 2011


41. "Thanks for subscribing. I will never forget this moment." - Spin

42. "Thanks for subscribing, but I don't know if I'm ready for this level of commitment." - Spin

43. "I question your judgment, but I thank you for your subscription." - Edric Haleen

44. "Thank you for subscribing. Please do not be concerned if you experience a radical increase in the amount of spam e-mails you receive. You knew what you were in for when you agreed to subscribe..." - Edric Haleen


46. "Thank you for subscribing. Any chance you could come over and do my laundry next?" - Edric Haleen

47. "Thank you for subscribing. Your football phone should arrive in 6-8 weeks." - @NinjaMarion

48. "Thank you for subscribing, but please stop messing with the thermostat when you visit -- I have it set just the way I want it." - Edric Haleen

49. "Thanks for the sub. I love you. Literally. Drop me your street address so I can show you what a creeper really is." - @BoffoYuxDudes

50. "Thank you for subscribing. How did you find out about my channel? (Check all that apply.)

[ ] Web search.
[ ] Referral from friend.
[ ] Promotional flyer stuck in my door.
[ ] Leaflet letter-bombed from airplane.
[ ] Spam.
[ ] Dumb luck.
[ ] Sometimes bad things just happen for no good reason at all." - Edric Haleen

51. "Thank you for subscribing. I'm sure that being my 1,090th subscriber is very rewarding for you." - Edric Haleen

52. "Thank you for subscribing. I know it's a little crowded in here right now, but if you can find space to squeeze yourself in between all the bots and the trolls, I think you'll have a good time!" - Edric Haleen

53. "Thank you for subscribing. By subscribing, you have earned five "Spin-bucks." These "Spin-bucks" have already been deposited in your account. If you refer a friend to become a subscriber, both of you can earn another five "Spin-bucks." And every time you "like" or link to one of my YouTube videos, you can earn even more "Spin-bucks." Once you have accumulated seven million "Spin-bucks," I'll send you an autographed paper clip! (Standard-sized paper clips only. Shipping and handling costs on jumbo paper clips are prohibitively expensive . . .)" - Edric Haleen

54. "Of all my subscribers, you're my favorite! (And for $20, I promise I WON'T say that to the NEXT person who subscribes...)" - Edric Haleen

55. "Congratulations! We are please to inform you that your subscription request has been approved. You were part of a very competitive field of applicants, but your qualifications put you head-and-shoulders above the rest. You may report for the first day of your apprenticeship training at 8:00 a.m. EDT next Monday (May 16) in front of the main entrance to Spintown Towers in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. (Please remember to bring a No. 2 pencil and 200 college-ruled index cards when you come.) We're very excited to have you as part of our team!" - Edric Haleen

56. "Thank you for subscribing. I knew that SOMEBODY would follow that trail of Reese's Pieces..." - Edric Haleen

57. "I long for the day I am good enough to be in your "Other Channels" module. Thanks for subscribing!" - Spin

58. "I was going to thank you for subscribing, but then I saw you recently subbed Willow Smith. So that pretty much means you'll sub anyone." - Spin

59. "It's too bad your parents spelled your name wrong on your birth certificate. But thanks for subscribing Mallary!" - Spin

60. "Thank you for subscribing. As is the tradition, we must now duel to the death. As you're the one who subscribed, I get to choose the weapons -- and I choose marshmallow Peeps at 20 paces. I'll see you in the parking lot behind the Speedway at noon..." - Edric Haleen

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