Saturday, December 3, 2011


361. "Hello, my name is Lucy & I'm Spin's intern. He's a little busy at the moment, so I'm thanking his new subscribers for him. THANKS A LOT!" - Spin

362. "Spin said I have to thank all his new subscribers for him. So thank you for subscribing to his channel. BTW, I'm his intern Lucy. Nice to meet you. :D" - Spin

363. "Hello, my name is Lucy, and I'm Spin's assistant. I'm not allowed to go home today until I thank 50 subscribers for him. So thank you for subscribing to his channel." - Spin

364. "Hello, my name is Lucy, and I'm Spin's assistant. Will you please have your friends subscribe to his channel? He beats me when he doesn't get at least 4 new subscribers a day. Please hurry, and thanks for subscribing to him." - Spin

365. "Hello, my name is Lucy, and I'm Spin's assistant. Thanks for subscribing to his channel. (help me...please)" - Spin

366. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm having some trouble with my assistant. If you hear screaming while on my channel...don't call the police." - Spin

367. "Thanks for subscribing & buying a SpinTunes thong from my store!" - Spin (link to SpinTunes thong)

368. "Today's The Day I thank you for subscribing. Mark it on your calendar & celebrate it each year." - Spin

369. "I had a dream last night in which everything wrong in my life went right, and much to my surprise it was a quick transition. It played out so vividly that's it's hard to describe what it did to me. Suffice to say I took it as a premonition. Today's the day I get a move on. Today's the day I change. Today's the day that I improve on who I am and everything I do. Today's the day that I break up with you. There's no talking me out of it, so don't even try. But even though we're through, I want to thank you for subscribing." - @InverseClown & edited by Spin

370. "You are not unbeatable. I just lost The Game, and so did you. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin (Username: xUnbeatabl3x)

371. "Thanks for subscribing, but real fans follow me on Twitter, Google+, Blogger, DailyBooth & BandCamp." - Spin

372. "Thanks for subscribing. I know this is a little late, but I didn't want to make you feel too important by thanking you right away." - Spin

373. "Thanks for subscribing, but because you are under the age of 18 I'm going to need a letter from your parents saying it's ok for you to watch my videos." - Spin

YouTube Response: "hey spin i have no parents. but i like you anyway coz you dont like cats like me"

374. "Thanks for subscribing & voting for me in the sexiest member of Scottland poll." - Spin

375. "Thanks for subscribing. Should I put the new videos on your porch, in your driveway or in your mailbox?" - Spin

376. "Don't feel special, @jonathuggg says that to all the boys. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin

In Response To @jonathuggg: "Thanks for subscribing!! You are officially a Thuggg Nugget!!"

377. "Thanks for subscribing. @mmp_2011 said I should say something nice about the channels who sub me....but I can't think of anything nice about this. Sorry." - Spin

378. "@LDShadowLady is forcing me to say "Thank you for subscribing." So...thanks..." - Spin

379. "Thanks for subscribing. I hate @ZackScott." - Spin

380. "Thanks for subscribing, now please stay on your side of the boarder." - Spin (he was from Mexico)

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