Thursday, December 8, 2011


461. "Thanks for subscribing. It took a lot of courage." - Spin

462. "Thanks for subscribing...even though you only did it to force me to write this message." - Spin

463. "Thanks for subscribing just to spite me." - Spin

465. "Thanks for subscribing, but I think we should slow down. I'm not that kind of YouTuber." - Spin

466. "Thanks for subscribing. So...what are you wearing?" - Spin

467. "Thanks for subscribing Caleb. Before you can become a permanent resident of Spintown, you'll need to kill at least 7 kittens." - Spin

468. "Thanks for subscribing Brandon. Ever since I was forced to take down my pole dance tutorials my channel hasn't been getting many views." - Spin

469. "Thanks for subscribing....and I didn't even have to get you drunk." - Spin

470. "Thanks for subscribing. It was fate." - Spin

471. "Thanks for subscribing. Do want to buy a slightly used couch? I need to sell mine. I've farted on it a number of times while gaming in Scottland. Total collectors item." - Spin

472. "Thanks for subscribing. Can you say hello to Mickey Mouse for me? Let him know I'm sorry about the shin kicking I gave him in '87." - Spin (he was from Orlando)

473. "Thanks for subscribing. It's the most exciting thing to happen to me in the past 37 seconds." - Spin

474. "Thanks for subscribing. Did you know I once beat Carl Sagan in a spelling bee? The man is smart as a whip, but a shit speller." - Spin (he favorited a Carl Sagan video)

475. "Thanks for subscribing. You are now WINNING!" - Spin

476. "Thanks for subscribing. Your neighbor wanted me to ask you to close your blinds while you jerk it in the morning. Apparently he doesn't like to watch." - Spin

477. "SuperVideoHunts is full of shit. Thanks for subscribing" - Spin

In Response To: "You make great videos!" - SuperVideoHunts

478. "Thanks for subscribing. Please don't watch more than your share of my videos. I have to spread them out equally among all my subscribers." - Spin

479. "You have more x's in your name than most of the porn sites I visit. Thanks for subscribing though." - Spin

480. "Thanks for subscribing. I promise not to bother you with videos." - Spin

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