Sunday, December 11, 2011


521. "Thanks for subscribing. You're not as dumb as Stumblez looks." - Spin

522. "I'm trying to thank more people than @jonathuggg, could you please delete his comment & forget it ever happened? Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

523. "Thanks for subscribing Jamie. I'm putting you on the waiting list to get on @ZackScott's server. There is only 20,472 people ahead of you so keep your fingers crossed." - Spin

524. "Thanks for subscribing, but you shouldn't just do anything @ZackScott tells you to do." - Spin

525. "I see that @brockNoid didn't feel you were worthy of dubbing a "Noid". Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

In Response To @brockNoid: "Hey slazaz, thanks for subscribing!"

526. "Thanks for subscribing. Could you leave this module up, but disallow farther comments? If so, I want you to do that, and then subscribe to @jonathuggg. He'll see my comment and not be able to add his own.

Message to Jonathuggg: NANNER NANNER NANNER!" - Spin

527. "Thanks for subscribing. I see @SwimmingBirdFly beat me here by 6 hours. I should be fired for slacking off." - Spin

528. "Thanks for subscribing. @SwimmingBirdFly sure is long winded isn't he?" - Spin

In Response To: "Thanks for subscribing SpaceBannana! It helps me a lot! How are things down under? I'm both captivated and terrified by Australia...I'm sure it's amazing, but it seems like there are a ton of deadly animals and extreme climates to worry about. I'm rambling now, but I guess if you're in a city you don't have to mind that stuff too much, right?"

529. "Thanks for subscribing. How the heck is Rozz in your featured module & I'm not? He's DEAD for heavens sake, give me his spot." - Spin

530. "Thanks for subscribing Maggie. Don't be surprised if @jonathuggg starts sending you messages. He likes really young girls." - Spin (jonathugg had recently thanked her as well)

531. "Thanks for subscribing. You should be careful. @J_Dahla said he was planning a prank to pull on you." - Spin

532. "Thanks for subscribing. I could totally kick @AtheneLOL's butt at Minecraft." - Spin (Athene calls himself the best gamer in the world & this guy was a fan.)

533. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you watched Morris get some lumber. I've got lots of wood as well." - Spin (she subbed after watching Sam's video)

534. "Stay the hell off my channel or I'll stuff you in a burlap sack & throw you in the river. Thanks for the sub though." - Spin (username: MrJustKitten)

535. "Thanks for subscribing. I'm currently a grey belt in Tae Kwon Do. Every time I get a new belt it's always grey...I'm about to give up." - Spin (bragged about his blue belt & I'm colorblind)

536. "I noticed that a female subbed my channel so I rushed right over. Then I saw you were married & favorited cat I'm no longer all that excited. Thanks for subbing." - Spin

537. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you have cats in Australia? If not, what do you use for target practice?" - Spin

538. "Thanks for subscribing to my channel. @mrcmoes just showed me his montage of pixilated Scottland dicks. I'm trying to get him to upload it to his channel." - Spin

539. "Thanks for subscribing. I see that you like Peter's Buns. He'll be thrilled, @petercoffin's been working really hard with his new "Buns Of Steel" DVD." - Spin

540. "Thanks for subscribing. In honor of your subscribing to my channel I dub thee BradNoid. Now go subscribe to @brockNoid's channel. I'm betting he has nothing to say now." - Spin (Brock dubs everyone a "Noid" after they sub him.)

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