Tuesday, December 6, 2011


421. "Thanks for subscribing. I was wondering if I could interest you in a set of steak knives?" - Spin

422. "Once upon a time you subscribed to my channel. We all lived happily ever after. Thanks." - Spin

423. "Thanks for subscribing. We close at 1AM, please make sure you're off my channel by then." - Spin

424. "Thanks for subscribing. It makes my penis hard when people do that." - Spin

425. "I really don't know what to say. What you did is just incredible & amazing. Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before. It really is life changing, and I have no idea how I'll make it up to you. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

426. "Thanks for subscribing, but unfortunately you have failed the mandatory drug test. I run a drug free channel, so your subscription will be voided." - Spin

427. "Your channel is a little bland, so I thought I'd leave this comment to brighten the place up a little. Thanks for subscribing." - Spin

428. "Thanks for subscribing Dave. Long time no see." - Spin (don't know the guy & his name isn't posted, but I saw someone else call him Dave)

429. "Thanks for subscribing. You are prohibited by law to unsubscribe now." - Spin

430. "Thanks for subscribing Will. Only a true fan would watch the crap I upload." - Spin

431. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you like the movie "Labyrinth"? Did you know I was one of the 2 babies used in that film?" - Spin

432. "Thanks for subscribing. I wish I was from Japan, I've always wanted to glow in the dark." - Spin (user was from Japan)

433. "Thanks for subscribing, I think you made the right call." - Spin

434. "Thanks for subscribing, but you clearly don't care about my channel very much. It's been 6 days since you've logged into YouTube, and I expect my subscribers to watch my videos every day." - Spin

435. "I heard you were giving out free flu shots here? While I'm waiting...thanks for subscribing." - Spin

436. "Thanks for subscribing. Maybe one day I can do the same for you. You know...if you ever start uploading good videos." - Spin

437. "Thanks for subscribing Vance, but will you please tell Tom I don't want to be his friend on MySpace?" - Spin (Username: TomAndVance)

438. "Thanks for subscribing. In honor of your subscription I will now count to 115,283." - Spin (Username: 115283)

439. "Thanks for subscribing. If you ever sneak across the boarder I'd like to shake your hand...but then of course I'd have to turn you in...so that's a bad idea." - Spin (user was from Mexico)

440. "Thanks for subscribing. I see you favorited the same booty shaking video I did. Very cool." - Spin

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