Sunday, December 4, 2011


381. "Thanks for subscribing. Do you believe in love at first subscription?" - Spin

382. "Thanks for subscribing. This thank you message was brought to you by Sunkist. Feel All Orange Inside." - Spin

383. "Thanks for subscribing. I love the background you have for this channel." - Spin (was plain grey)

384. "I'm sending you a bill from my doctor. I sprained my wrist trying to type this thank you message." - Spin

385. "Thanks for subscribing. I like animated boobs as well." - Spin (He said he likes manga & anime.)

386. "Thanks for subscribing. Watch the next season of "So You Think You Can Dance" on FOX, cause I'm going to bust a move on that show." - Spin

387. "I decided to stop practicing my body rolls long enough to say, thanks for subscribing." - Spin

388. "Thanks for subscribing. You sound like a top notch attention whore." - Spin

389. "Thanks for subscribing. I can't seem to get my remote control to work on YouTube. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?" - Spin

390. "How do you get to Pataskala from i75? I want to thank you for subscribing in person." - Spin

391. "Thanks for subscribing. I noticed that one of my links was missing on my channel page. I'm not saying you took it....but I'm going to go to bed...and if it's back in the morning...well...I'll forget the entire matter." - Spin

392. "Thanks for subscribing. If you ever start watching "Old Yeller" turn it off before you get to the end. *cries into shirt*" - Spin

393. "Thanks for subscribing, but YouTube sends me an annoying e-mail everytime someone does that. So please don't do it again." - Spin

394. "Thanks for subscribing. I once knew a guy who knew a guy that was almost once in the vicinity of the UK. We have so much in common." - Spin (guy was from UK)

395. "Thanks for subscribing. You have touched me, in a good way." - Spin

396. "Thanks for subscribing. Unfortunately you were surfing the web just a little too fast, so I'm going to need to see your license & registration please." - Spin

397. "Thanks for subscribing. Could you watch each of my videos 100 times? It would help a lot." - Spin

398. "Thanks for subscribing. You have given me the will to go on living." - Spin

399. "Quick turn on FOX NEWS, the weather girl on TV right now is SO hot! Oh, and thanks for subscribing." - Spin

400. "Thanks for subscribing. Is Tony short for Tonya?" - Spin (his name was Tony)

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